Benefits of Moving Vs Hiring Movers

Moving is always extremely overwhelming when you think about. Bring all of your personal and valuable items, pack them into a box and try to then unload them. It’s a task that might seem easy but takes a lot of time, money, coordination and planning to get everything to run as smoothly. Did you know that the average American actually moves about 12 times in their lifetime? Although, some may find this challenge enjoyable, the majority find it daunting, exhausting and stressful.

There are actually a few more reasons to hire someone to assist you to alleviate that stress listed below:

Less Labor

When you hire a professional to help you, that means less heavy work for you to do. For some people, this is the biggest factor because picking up heavy objects, furniture or reinjuring themselves is the main obstacle. Hiring the professionals to do this will not only being do the majority of the labor of packing up your items and bringing them to the truck but they will also be able to unload the truck after you move into your new home.

They know how to properly transport large items from your home safely, without scratching or damaging even more items within your home.  Also they pay attention to details and know how to avoid the narrow hallways or tight corners. They also handle the moving to let you focus on other important items such as figuring out how to get your family and pets from point A to point B.


Moving needs to be done in a timely fashion. You want to have a company that allows you to be ready to move on time. A quality moving company will be there on time and know that they are racing against the clock in order to pack your items. Depending on where you are moving, this could be a weekend move or a weekly move. If you want a company to be behind their word, then look into Infinite Moving. This Polk County local distance movers not only can help you move your office, but also your residential home to your new apartment, condo or building complex. Be sure to talk to their friendly staff on all the needs and expectations you have on your moving company. 

Having a sound board

Just like meeting someone for the first time on a date, first impressions mean everything. You want to be able to talk to your moving company to listen to the requirements that you are looking for and develop a plan. Being with a flexible company who will work with your schedule and make sure your move will be easy and seamless as possible. You want to be confident when trusting these professionals to move your belogngings because they fel like they can truly assist you and are in control. Last, communication is key when having a relationship with your moving company so you want to be talking each and evey step of the way, listening to one another’s concerns and requests and feeling respected and understood. 

Moving yourself

While it’s great to have a moving company help you, you could also move yourself but I would only suggest doing this if you have the proper help, stamina and qualifications. Of course as listed above, you could pack all your belongings yourself, grab the materials and spend countless weekend, early morning and night hours packing everything up. It’s time consuming but it can be done if you have enough time to do so. You could also ask a few friends, neighbors or family members to assist you in moving, especially if you aren’t moving too far and rent a U-Haul yourself to help cut cost. 

Moving is stressful situation, having help with a mover company is a big help. I did a mistake a year ago trying to move ourselves, my husband and I ended dead tired. From now on I will always hire this type of companies to move out certainly, don’t try it by yourself… been there done that!

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