The best school bags with laptop pocket: August 2021 comparison

The progress is such that now, having your computer at all times can prove to be very useful. Do you also need your computer when you go to class and don’t have enough space in your current bag? The best solution is to buy a school bag with a laptop pocket. The designs, sizes and qualities are as much as the number of tastes, so there is plenty to give you plenty to choose from with all this diversity. You will discover through this guide the best bags of course with a pocket for computers.

The best school bag with laptop pocket

Best quality price report CoolBELL – Convertible Laptop Bag 17 “

CoolBELL 17.3 Inch Laptop Briefcase Protective Messenger Bag Nylon Shoulder Bag Multi-Functional Hand Bag for Laptop/Ultrabook/Tablet/MacBook/Dell/HP/Men/Women/Business (Purple)

For those who want a 17 ” bag, backpack or laptop sleeve, this CoolBELL bag is the solution. Multifunction, this bag has a large volume of 25 L.

This innovative little wonder can hold a computer of up to 17.3 inches. It is convertible into three distinct shapes  : it can be a briefcase or a laptop sleeve, a briefcase and even a backpack. The designers have prioritized the protection of your computer with its fully padded dedicated compartment with a flexible belt. It is made of a dense outer fabric, with a medium terry cloth and an inner lining, all this to let neither water nor dust pass through. In short, the CoolBELL convertible satchel is an item that knows how to please.

Best high end Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 – 14 “Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Pro Backpack, Black, One Size

This 14 “laptop bag has different compartments for better organization. It has a classy and ergonomic design.

The Samsonite Pro-DLX-5 belongs to the Samsonite Business collection, it was created with the aim of satisfying the freaks of impeccable storage . As it has a flat bottom, it does not fall forward, it also has an isothermal side pocket so that your bottle keeps its temperature for a while. And the presence of the easy-pass holes will allow you to pass your cables through different compartments. This school bag also has several other qualities such as the padlock delivered with the bag as well as really well-made interior pockets. In short, this bag is indeed the best product in every way.

Best alternative Kipling Seoul Go Padded Laptop Backpack with Adjustable Straps

This Kipling brand backpack is appreciated for its lightness and simplicity. This model with floral prints is perfectly suited for women.

It is no coincidence that this backpack is the bestseller of the Kipling brand. Indeed, it seems very simple, but that’s what makes all its charm. It is weather resistant and its waterproofness helps preserve your documents and electronic devices. The bag has been provided with padded shoulder straps for extra comfort when you need to carry more weight. It has a zipped pocket and several other pockets that will keep you organized. It is particularly recommended for students who have to carry a bag on a daily basis for its practicality.

How to choose your school bag with computer pocket

Choosing a school bag is one thing, but finding a bag with a laptop pocket is another. To find the best one, you will have to consider some criteria here.

Criterion n ° 1: Dimensions

The capacity of a bag is clearly the first purchase criterion that you will have to impose on yourself. Quite simply, a bag that is too small will be useless and a bag that is too large will not protect your electronic personal effects. So that you are well prepared, know that your 15-inch computer will not fit in a 15-centimeter bag because an inch measures 2.54 cm, you can ask your salesperson for help so as not to go to the store with a ruler.

Criterion n ° 2: The material

Since there are many styles of school bags with laptop pockets, there is a whole range of materials you could find. The most common are fabrics and leather. Choosing a fabric or leather bag depends on your taste, both of which are tough enough to support your belongings. The most important thing is to take a good look at the stitching finishes, as well as the hardness of the straps. The padding is also an important detail ensuring your comfort and the protection of your laptop.

Criterion n ° 3: Practicality

A bag is always more practical when you know how to organize it and when it is easier to carry. Indeed, if you can put everything you need in your bag, it will help you avoid forgetting anything at home. Thus, with a model having exterior pockets for example, you will have everything within reach. While a bag with many compartments allows an optimal classification of your belongings. For a school bag with laptop pocket, also make sure that it includes a USB port, convenient for recharging your electronic devices easily, even while on the go.

Criterion n ° 4: Style

Style is one of the major criteria that must not be forgotten. You can wear during the week a bag that reflects your personality and matches your style of clothing. It should not only adapt to your look, but also to the pace of your life. That said, even if you want to go for the latest trend of the moment, still check the sturdiness of the bag, because a nice bag that rips too easily will do you no good.

A school bag with a laptop pocket is more interesting than a regular bag?

The best school bags with laptop pocket 9

Instead of buying a regular bag, a school bag with a laptop pocket is much more practical for a number of reasons.

To protect your device from bumps and scratches

Owning a computer is very practical in class or even in everyday life. It would be a shame if his pc took dust or was hit by humidity. There are even worse situations! For example, if someone drops something on your computer that is not protected, or if you drop your regular bag, you risk damaging your PC. A school bag with a computer pocket is mainly used to avoid all these worries that can cost you dearly.

To protect your PC from humidity

To be able to protect your computer, but also to take it to your lessons, it is preferable that it is a bag of course with a pocket for a computer. Indeed, this kind of bag has a compartment specially designed to protect your PC not only against shocks, but also moisture. Even if it is raining, then you can make sure to keep your computer dry.

To take advantage of its other features

A school bag with a computer pocket is also practical for the simple reason that it has many other compartments. Therefore, it is better suited for the organization of your business: your pens, your notebooks, your notebooks and binders, your water bottle or your umbrella, your various electronic devices will have dedicated pockets or compartments.

How to clean your school bag with a laptop pocket?

It is essential to take care of your school bag as you wear it every day. It will need to be cleaned to remove stains and all kinds of dirt. Indeed, the cleaning method will depend on the material of manufacture of your bag.

For a leather bag, for example, it requires regular cleaning using a soft, dry cloth. It is advisable to use only colorless leather care products. Please keep it dry as soon as possible and as far away from damp or wet surfaces. It should be noted that you should never do a complete wash with a leather bag, especially to use chemical cleaners.

For a fabric bag, a damp cloth will do well, but you can use soap and water to treat the stains. Before cleaning your class bag, please make sure you have emptied it. Remove all notebooks, pens, crumbs, etc. Also check the pockets. If your bag has only a few small spots, you don’t have to completely clean your bag. They can be treated locally.

To do this, just use a little soapy water and then rub, and finish with a wipe with a clean cloth. If your bag is very dirty, it will be necessary to carry out a complete wash to find it clean. To do this, you must immerse it in a sink, preferably filled with hot water, and add a little oxygen bleach to it.

It is not recommended to put your bag in the dryer as this will damage it. It is best to air dry it. Putting a few towels inside will be ideal for absorbing moisture while keeping the shape of the bag.

The different types of school bags with computer pocket

From styles of school bags with laptop pockets, there are over a thousand and for all tastes. Anyway, they remain mostly grouped in the two most common types: the backpack and the satchel.

The computer backpack

Many students opt for the satchel or backpack to carry their personal belongings to class. They made this choice because a backpack lightens the weight of your belongings by spreading the weight of your belongings on both shoulders. Also, a bag attached to your back facilitates your bike or scooter trips or if you need to run to go to class.

In fact, the computer compartment is usually located on the part closest to your back. This allows your device to be better protected from shocks in the event of a fall, for example. It is therefore for the practical side that the backpack is recommended. On the other hand, since most of your comrades will own a backpack, standing out from the crowd with a satchel would be good enough.

The laptop bag or shoulder bag

A satchel can very well compete with the backpack. From an ergonomic point of view, the bag is more useful since your computer will fit perfectly in one compartment and your binders and pencil case will fit in another. In addition, the shoulder bag gives style and elegance. It will be easier to travel by car and you can easily have your personal belongings in your hands at any time.

The shoulder bag additionally offers a load-saving way for one of your shoulders. You can place it on one or the other depending on how tired you feel. The strap, on the other hand, will need to be much stronger as it will be under more tension, especially if you have to bring a lot of documents to each yard. In this case, also make sure to have a padded model for more comfort.

School bag with laptop pocket in fabric or leather?

School bag with fabric laptop pocket

A fabric bag is an article that can have several colors: plain or printed, it is always very classy. It is more common to see fabric bags with better stuffing than leather bags. As a result, it will provide greater protection for your computer. However, some fabric bags are not waterproof at all, so on rainy days or due to a moment of inattention your computer and your documents will be expensive.

Leather school bag with laptop pocket

A leather bag is waterproof, but above all it is very stylish and original. If you have a preference for this noble material, several brands offer superb and original models. Since leather is waterproof, the contents of your bag will stay dry. On the other hand, a leather bag cannot stand being exposed to heat for too long and risks tearing very easily if it is of poor quality.


If you want to adopt a classic style, the best choice for you is the school bag with fabric laptop pocket. If you want to have an atypical and much more elegant look, go for a leather bag. Both subjects are equally interesting. The choice you have to make is based on your tastes and also your expectations.


The choice of color

Opt for basic colors that will combine very well with your everyday outfits: black, beige, brown or white for example. You can also have a bag with beautiful prints to add a touch of originality to your appearance.

The ideal weight for a school bag

To prevent you from having excruciating back pain, it is advisable to carry no more than 5 to 7 kilos for a backpack and almost 3 or 4 kilos for a satchel.

Leather bag: maintenance

A leather bag is not machine washable. To clean it, you just need to rub it with a damp cloth. If you want it to shine, apply some shoe polish.

Maintain a fabric bag

If you don’t want to ruin your fabric bag, you can wash and dry it exposing the bag liner. In this way, it will keep its colors. A fabric bag stains very easily, so avoid oil spills.

A cover to make your bag waterproof

If you do not have a waterproof bag, you can make a waterproof cover that will ensure the safety of the contents of your bag, you just need to bring a waterproof fabric and an elastic which measures about 1 meter each. Sew a bath cap, but larger. And you will have a cover that will fit your backpack or satchel. You can also buy a cover if you don’t feel like doing this little DIY.


How to properly organize your school bag?

For a perfectly organized bag , you just need to group your things according to their use in different compartments. The computer in its dedicated compartment, the cables and the tablet in one pocket and the notepad and pencil in another.

How much weight can a school bag with laptop pocket support?

On average, a school bag with a computer pocket can hold up to about 8 kilograms, but in order for the bag not to crack under too much weight, you need to examine the stitches on the bottom of the bag. bag and its straps.

Can I carry more than one computer in a bag?

Yes, it is possible for a bag to hold 3 computers at the same time and for a backpack you can carry a lot more. But they risk colliding and getting damaged, because a bag has only one computer compartment. So it is not advisable.

Does the brand guarantee the quality of the school bag with laptop pocket?

Brands always do everything to satisfy customers and offer good quality products. However, it would be safer to check your bag well based on the criteria listed above.

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