The best UV lamps for nails: August 2021 comparison

For professional or home use, the UV nail lamp becomes an essential equipment for an impeccable manicure. Easy to use, it is a modern way to quickly dry varnishes for a shiny and long-lasting result. Dear manicure enthusiasts, easily find the best UV lamp for your nails by following us in this buying guide.

The best UV lamp for nails in 2021

Editor’s choice NailStar Professional NS-01 EU

NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel + 8 x 9W Bulbs Included

Here is a great UV nail lamp made by NaillStar Professional, the expert in manicure related products. Versatile and ergonomic, the NailStar Professional NS-01 EU will not disappoint your expectations.

You will easily find what you are looking for when using the NailStar Professional NS-01 EU UV Nail Lamp. Your nails will challenge those who come out of a professional salon if you put them to good use. For a comfortable manicure routine, bet on this quality device with features to suit all your needs. The NailStar Professional NS-01 EU is thus an indisputable promise of quality.

With its four powerful UV lamps, the varnishes on your hands and feet will dry quickly. The settings offered by the integrated timer let you choose the time you need: 120 or 180 seconds, and even prolonged use at will if necessary. The NailStar Professional NS-01 EU does not repel any varnish mark. Its compact shape makes it easy to transport in case you need to move around or share it with your girlfriends at a slumber party.

Best cheap Unisun NailDryer002

UV LED Nail Lamp 54W, Professional Nail Dryer Gel Polish Light, UV Nail Light with 3 Timer Setting, Nail Polish Curing Gel LED Dryer, Professional Nail Art Tools with Automatic Sensor, LCD Display

The best budget UV nail lamp is Unisun NailDryer002. Take care of your nails freely by equipping yourself with this efficient device with very interesting options and an appreciable ergonomic quality.

The Unisun NailDryer002 UV Nail Lamp makes your manicure super easy thanks to its intelligent automatic sensor, versatile UV and LED technology both, its timer on LCD display and its go-anywhere power system. Manicure at home is affordable with the Unisun NailDryer002. Its shell design, however, only accommodates the hands.

The on / off function automatically activates when you put your hands on or take your hands off the drying surface. The 2 in 1 UV lamp guarantees quick drying of your nails and the LED bulbs maximize durability. Three timer settings are possible according to your needs: 30, 60 or 90 seconds. The LCD display instantly keeps you informed of the time you have spent. Finally, the USB power supply makes the Unisun NailDryer002 UV Nail Lamp convenient for places where the power source is difficult to access.

Best high end SUNUV Sun4

SUNUV 48W UV LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer for Gel Polish with Auto Sensor Professional Nail Art Tools SUN4 Black

Here is a model of UV lamp for nails with high-end performance: the SUNV Sun4. It would have its best place in your luxurious beauty salon, which does not prevent you from making it your ally at home.

The combination of both UV and LED technologies make this device versatile and very useful. The treatment of all types of varnishes and gels on your nails will be done with ease and comfort thanks to its innovative lamps and its large workspace, which can accommodate both hands and feet. With the SUNUV Sun4, nail care becomes a pure moment of pleasure.

The device has Smart Over Temperature protection to protect your skin against the power of UV rays: in this way, the low temperature mode involves a gradual increase in intensity. You will choose between 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds depending on the needs of your manicure. The SUNUV Sun4 can serve as a gift at any auspicious time, the idea will be highly appreciated for those passionate about manicure.

How to choose your UV nail lamp

For a flawless finish to your nail polish, choose the best UV nail lamp taking into account the following criteria.

Criterion n ° 1: Lamp technology

UV lamp technology consists of curing UV gel varnishes and semi-permanent varnishes. The wavelength is expressed in nanometers (nm). In principle, 350 nm is enough for a UV gel manicure to make it very durable. The varnish dries in just a few minutes.

Among other things, this technology is not compatible with LED gel polishes. In general, you should remember to change your UV lamp every four months if you are using it regularly.

Criterion n ° 2: The timer

For practical use of your UV nail lamp, you need to control the drying time of your gel polish. To do this, the UV Nail Lamp has a fully adjustable timer to provide you with the exact time needed for your manicure.

The stages available on the UV Nail Lamp are generally 120 and 180 seconds. It is also equipped with an automatic detector that activates the countdown from the moment you put your hand or your foot in it.

Criterion n ° 3: The drying time

The drying time of your polish is determined by the wattage of the UV lamp you purchase. Note that each brand of UV nail lamp has its specific use, so don’t go wrong to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The standard drying time on UV nail lamps mainly reaches 2 minutes if the lamp has a power of at least 45W. So depending on the power, the drying time will be more or less important. So for a better efficiency of the device you should give preference to a high power UV nail lamp.

Criterion n ° 4: The design

As a device of the latest innovation, the UV nail lamp must above all take on a modern and refined appearance to undoubtedly marry your work table or your dressing table. Both intended for domestic and professional use, it must provide an effect of visual well-being first, before comforting through its use.

If you adopt it for your hair salon, customers will quickly appreciate your professionalism just by spotting a beautiful UV nail lamp with efficient performance. For your home manicures, you can only rejoice in having this device.

Criterion n ° 5: The ergonomic level

For an appreciable level of ergonomics, your UV nail lamp must be compact and light enough to be easily placed anywhere and to accompany you on your travels.

Also, make sure that it can easily hold all of your fingers and toes without contacting the polish you just applied. The removable base is an interesting option to comfort the use of the UV nail lamp.

Some models of UV lamps for nails even facilitate the application of varnish thanks to their flat top surface where you can put your hand.

How to properly use a UV nail lamp?

For a successful nail polish application, it is important to discern the different steps to go through before sliding your hands or feet under the UV lamp.

  • The cleanliness. First and foremost, you must absolutely clean your hands and feet. For professionals, it is not just a question of washing them: a scrub and a quick massage go without saying to soften them and stimulate blood flow.
  • The preparation. For your nails to be properly impregnated with the varnish, preparation rituals are essential: the removal of cuticles, the file to make the edges regular as well as the polishing of the surfaces.
  • The pose. In general, you should slide your hands or feet into the UV nail lamp after each application of gel polish, from the base to the final coat. For the drying time, check the instructions for your device, but also pay attention to the indications relating to the use of your gel polish.

Nothing could be simpler: the UV nail lamp plays an essential role in the beauty of your hands and feet, you just need to know how to use it and be careful of false manipulations.

The different types of UV lamps for nails

The classic UV lamp for nails

Classic UV Nail Lamp uses ultraviolet neon lights to cure UV gel polish only. To maintain the effectiveness of this device, you should change the lamps regularly over a four to six month interval. Keep the classic UV nail lamp in areas not exposed to heat and humidity for maximum durability.

The classic UV nail lamp has a fairly long catalyzing time compared to other devices of its kind (the LED lamp for example). However, it is a reliable way to dry UV gel polish if you want to obtain a lasting result and an impeccable aesthetic.

CCFL UV Nail Lamp

What is CCFL UV Lamp? Simply an improved version of the classic UV lamp which uses cold cathode technology for the curing of your varnishes. The most popular aspect of this system is that it is compatible with UV gel varnishes and both LED gel varnishes. If you get one for your salon or home manicure, you will gain versatility.

Regarding the catalyzing time, the CCFL UV nail lamp acts moderately, just between the classic UV lamp and the LED lamp, the latter being the fastest. Since the cold cathode is inexhaustible, the CCFL UV nail lamp is therefore practical for intensive use.

UV nail lamp or LED nail lamp?

UV Nail Lamp

Clearly, UV Nail Lamp is a way to dry UV gel polish and semi-permanent polish. For this style of varnish, you need a wavelength of at least 375 nm to cure properly. Compared with the LED lamp, the UV nail lamp takes longer to dry because the intensity of the wave emission is relatively lower.

In addition, a UV lamp for nails simply cannot ensure the drying of LED gel polish which, for their part, will need more wave power to give a well-hardened result. Otherwise, if you decide to dry your permanent varnish under a UV lamp, know that you will have about two minutes to obtain a correct finish.

LED nail lamp

The LED nail lamp, on the other hand, allows you to dry LED gel polishes as well as semi-permanent varnishes. Compared with UV nail lamps, it is much more efficient in terms of speed. The drying time that the LED lamp provides you hardly exceeds: it acts in well under a minute.

Always to respect the conditions of catalysis, it is not necessary either to use the LED lamp to dry the UV gel varnishes. Also keep in mind that LED lamps have a longer lifespan than UV lamps, a characteristic which then earns them a much higher price.


What then are these two new nail prosthesis technologies in reality? Your choice between UV nail lamp and LED nail lamp will depend on the nature of your polish. Indeed, each of these two types of nail dryers has different compatibility criteria which make them specific.

For a start in the field, you can opt in all circumstances for the UV nail lamp, effective and very affordable. Otherwise, some more versatile but more expensive nail dryer models combine the two technologies.

Why buy a UV nail lamp?

To save time

In this age of new technologies, you no longer wisely wait for your polish to dry when it wants. It takes you at least half an hour. With the UV Nail Lamp, your manicure will be flawless and flawless in just two minutes. You need to get this device for easy and quick sessions at home.

For a shiny effect

This is what distinguishes gel polishes from conventional polishes. This is also what led to the creation of various practical accessories such as UV nail lamp. The look of nail polish determines how much importance you place on your little pampering. Having a very shiny polish thanks to the UV nail lamp will only delight your eyes.

For a neat finish

The varnish that goes under the UV lamp for nails provides a comfortable visual through precise lines and reinforced colors. With this drying device, you do not risk suffering accidents after a few minutes of manicure: your nails come out impeccable.

For a long hold of your nail polish

No more varnishes that crumble after a few days! In addition to drying your polish, the UV nail lamp cures it to make it as durable as possible on your nails. You might even get bored of it after a while and just want a change of color.

For a good reputation

On the professional level, defending the reputation requires a significant investment because the customers appreciate the services which have the good equipment. So, if you are in possession of a beauty salon or a manicure workshop, do not hesitate to get the UV lamp for nails.

The different brands of UV lamps for nails

In our opinion, the best UV nail lamp brands in 2021 are:






This very recent brand specializes in innovative accessories in the field of fashion, hygiene and well-being. It is starting to gain recognition for the excellent value for money of its products.

What is the price of a UV nail lamp

The diagram below will help you get an idea of the prices usually charged for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However,  more expensive does not necessarily mean better .

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

Entry level

15 $ to 30 $


30 $ to 60 $


+ 60 $

Presentation of price ranges


Respect for time

In all circumstances and for all uses, it is essential to respect the drying time either granted by the timer of your UV nail lamp, or indicated by any instructions for the device or even your varnish.

For hands and feet

When buying your first UV nail lamp, consider getting a model that is suitable for both hands and feet. Nothing beats versatility and as much investing as possible on the practical side.

Changing lamps

In principle you should change the diodes of your UV lamp every four months to ensure its continued effectiveness. Remember to equip yourself when needed, and take advice from experienced manufacturers if you can’t do it yourself.


UV gel manicure sessions should be done in moderation. You want to be perfect right down to your fingertips, but you also need to give your nails time to “breathe” in their natural state for at least two weeks.

Sun cream

As we are in the vocabulary of UV rays, therefore similar to those of the sun, even if those of the UV nail lamp are significantly weaker, sunscreen appears to be an ideal protection solution. So you can rub your hands or feet with a thin layer of sunscreen before putting them under a UV lamp.


How many coats of UV gel polish should I apply ideally?

For a pleasant finish, it is recommended to apply three coats of UV gel varnish and space each application to an installation under UV lamp . By respecting this rule, you will appreciate the long hold of your nail polish over several weeks. Remember that before applying the color of your choice you must first apply a base coat to protect your nails.

What would be the negative impacts of UV nail lamps?

Like everything has its downside, UV Nail Lamp has limits if you overuse it. You just have to respect the time recommended on the instructions for use to avoid any danger. Also check the instructions for the UV gel varnish that you are going to apply to your nails. Sometimes certain inattentional can trigger allergic reactions.

Why does semi-permanent varnish come off easily?

Normally you should enjoy your semi-permanent polish for at least three weeks. If it comes off easily, there can only be two or three reasons: either you used poor quality products, or you did not stick to the number of coats to apply, or you forgot to dry it under. UV lamp for nails .

Do brands hold an important place?

The trend right now is to sell manicure sets that include all the basic accessories: varnish, nail dryers (here the UV lamp), false nails, manicure supplies, etc. It could be that you have a UV nail lamp of a certain brand but your polishes are of a different brand. In this case, you just need to make sure that your UV nail lamp is compatible with the polish you are buying.

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