The best watches for women: August 2021 comparison

Like the bracelet, the watch is an essential fashion accessory. Any stylish woman wears one on her wrist. But you also have to choose your watch carefully, and not just by relying on the price. Connected, classic, flashy and young or even vintage, the accessory is available in a wide variety of models and brands. In this buying guide, you will find the best watches for women of the moment, our advice on choosing the right one as well as tips.

The best women’s watch in 2021

Best quality price report Michael Kors MK5896

Michael Kors Parker Stainless Steel Watch With Glitz Accents

A little gem from Michael Kors, the MK5896 women’s watch is a design marvel. It will elegantly adorn your wrist. In addition, it is an excellent gift to offer for any occasion.

The Michael Kors MK5896 women’s watch is glamorous and sophisticated. The round 39 mm diameter case is adorned with shiny rhinestones that nuance with the golden rose hue. The watch shines and attracts attention. More than a simple watch, it is a real jewel on the wrists of elegant, refined and modern women.

The Michael Kors MK5896 surprises with the small details. The dial, like the bracelet and its invisible clasp turn out to be impressive elements. This is a quartz movement watch delivered in a nice case. Are you planning to give a watch to a woman you love? Choose this model that she will love.

Best high end Michael Kors MKT5080

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch- Powered with Wear OS by Google with Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications

The Michael Kors MKT5080 is a classic and elegant connected watch for women. In addition to telling the time, she is also a real assistant supposed to make everyday life easier.

The Michael Kors MKT5080 is one of the stylish ladies’ watches that have made the brand so successful. Behind its classic airs, this accessory turns out to be a connected object embedding a slew of features from cutting-edge technologies. The connected watch works under Wear OS. It is compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS.

It can serve as a GPS, support Google Assistant and relay the notifications you receive on your smartphone. The Michael Kors MKT5080 also provides essential health information such as heart rate monitoring, physical activity… to help you stay in shape! This watch for women enjoys an autonomy of several days.

Analog Fossil Riley ES3202

Fossil Women's Riley Stainless Steel Crystal-Accented Multifunction Quartz Watch

Let yourself be seduced by this magnificent watch for women, the Fossil Riley ES3202. Note the quality of its case, adorned with rhinestones, which makes it a beautiful piece of fashion to perfect a look.

Elegance and refinement are key words with the Fossil Riley ES3202 watch. Its silver look borrows a lot from the brand’s classics. The outline embellished with rhinestones brings a touch of originality and shine. Riley is a piece of jewelry that will go perfectly with all clothing styles, from the most classic to the most extravagant.

The Fossil Riley ES3202 goes with you wherever you go. Waterproof, you can wear it in the shower or at the pool without any problem. This women’s watch gives you the time, indicating the current week and month, all with the watchmaking precision that one has the right to expect from a quartz movement.

How to choose your watch for women

It is important to take into account the criteria below to choose a watch for women. This guarantees the choice of a product of good quality and whose look, functionality and price meet your requirements.

choose ladies watch

Criterion n ° 1: The diameter of the dial

It is common knowledge that ladies’ watches are smaller than those dedicated to men. Their diameters very rarely exceed 40 mm . There are also very small ladies’ watches that are less than 30mm in diameter. The choice of diameter is above all a matter of taste. Do you prefer very discreet watches or those that are larger and more visible? You choose. Note, however, that visibility may be less comfortable on dials with a diameter of less than 20 mm.

Criterion n ° 2: Aesthetics

We choose a watch mainly for its look. Whatever the functionalities and the quality of the product, the watch remains above all a fashion accessory which serves to perfect its look. So choose your model according to your dress style , but also the aesthetic that you like. The ladies’ watch comes in countless models, with a wide variety of styles and colors.

Criterion n ° 3: The type of movements

Quartz (electronic) movement watches are the most common. They are affordable and are known for their high precision. Powered by a battery with an average life of two years, Quartz movement watches have a limited lifespan.

The mechanical watches are especially appreciated by great lovers and collectors. They can be automatic or manual. In both cases, the watch does not have a power source. It is powered by the movement of the wrist or by a winder. Mechanical watches benefit from a very long lifespan and are perfectly repairable. On the other hand, they are expensive. Maintenance is just as expensive. Note also that mechanical watches are less precise than those which operate on the basis of Quartz movements.

Criterion n ° 4: The brand

As with many fashion accessories, the brand makes the prestige of a watch. Luxury brands are positioned on the high end by offering very high quality devices. Other brands like Casio make causal models, more suited to urban and casual looks .

Criterion n ° 5: The bracelet

It should already be understood that if you have sensitive skin, a metal bracelet will oxidize quickly, which you do not especially want. There are models in silicone, leather or fabric . The width of the bracelet is also taken into account. Large, it will go perfectly with a flashy, sport or casual outfit. The finest go particularly well with a chic look. You have to be careful, because the latter are less resistant.

How to wear a watch for women?

To make a watch the elegant accessory that it is, you first have to know how to wear it. How to wear a watch for women? On which wrist to place it? With what accessories?

You should know that there is no rule concerning the arm on which you should wear a women’s watch. The watch is usually worn on the left hand . This is explained by the fact that the buttons and wonders of the watches are, in the majority of cases, placed on the right side of the dial. If you are right-handed, it will be easier to manipulate the buttons with the nimble hand, hence the wearing of the watch on the left arm. The agile hand is also the most active hand. If you are right-handed, wearing the watch on the left reduces the risk of damaging the watch as this hand will be less active.

Of course, nothing prevents you from wearing your watch on your right arm. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the accessory. Do not hesitate to wear the same watch on one arm and then on another. Keep the position that works best for you. For the choice of accessories, you can wear your watch with rings and bracelets. For the latter, wear the thick bracelets on the other arm, so that it does not overshadow the watch.

You can also wear two thin bracelets with a watch. Place the watch in the middle to show it off. Finally, you can put a ladies’ watch over your gloves. Just make sure that the colors of the glove and the watch match.

The different types of ladies’ watches

Women’s watches can be classified into three broad categories: analogue models, digital watches and connected ladies’ watches.

Analogue ladies watch

Analogue ladies watch

The analogue ladies’ watch is characterized by its classic display with hands . These move along the dial to show the hour, minutes and seconds. Other dials can also show the date, day or year. This display requires interpretation. However, it has a major asset, aesthetics.

Manufacturers have carte blanche to vary the dial, its colors and its shapes. It is possible to inlay with stones or various ornaments. Note that the display on an analog watch ensures average visibility, especially in the dark. Phosphorescent hands will be needed for the time to be visible.

Digital ladies watch

Digital ladies watch

Unlike the analogue ladies’ watch, models with digital display have a screen on which letters and numbers give information such as the time and date. LED technology has greatly improved this type of display which is clear and visible, regardless of the ambient light level.

The information shown is very easy to read. No interpretation is required since the numbers already give the exact time, date and day. On the other hand, aesthetics do not always please. The digital display does not leave much choice as to the look of the dial.

Connected ladies watch

Connected ladies watch

This is the very latest generation of ladies’ watches. These watches are not simple devices that tell the time and date. These are smart devices that work with many modern technologies. Today, the connected watch for women is like a smartphone that we wear on the wrist. It can also be connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth .

You can connect to the Internet, receive calls and texts, or manage certain features of your smartphone from the watch. Better yet, the connected watch displays a wealth of information such as your heart rate, the frequency of your physical activities or your schedule.

Classic ladies watch or sports watch?

The classic ladies’ watch

It can be mechanical, electronic or connected, the classic women’s watch is distinguished by its look. Its case is thin and its dial is simple. The bracelet is made of leather or stainless steel bars. The aesthetic is relatively discrete despite the wide variety of design and colors. The classic watch can be worn every day, with casual looks and more formal outfits in the office.

The classic watch can be waterproof. You can wear it in the shower or at the pool. However, you should be careful if you are diving. Refer to the limits recommended by the manufacturer. The classic ladies’ watch cannot be worn in the gym. Wearing it can be uncomfortable since your wrist, hand and forearm will need to move a lot. Be careful, a classic watch can hurt you since it was not designed to adapt to these movements.

The sports watch

As its name suggests, this type of watch is specially designed to be worn during different sports activities. This ranges from fitness and running to extreme disciplines such as scuba diving or mountaineering. The sports watch is sturdy. Its case can be very thick and protected by silicone walls. Usually the bracelet is made of silicone. This material is flexible, water and shock resistant and adapts to different wrist movements.

The sports watch also has various functionalities that are useful for practicing sports (stopwatches, pulse sensors, etc.). Its sporty look adapts perfectly to sports outfits. On the other hand, this type of watch does not always match more classic clothing styles. It is never worn with evening wear, for lack of elegance and refinement.


Wear a sports watch during your workouts, whatever discipline you prefer. Outside of sessions, opt for a classic women’s watch. It will match your dress style better and highlight your elegance and refinement.

Why buy a ladies watch?

why buy ladies watch

The practical side

Our smartphone can tell us the time. However, having a watch is an advantage: the practical side. You don’t have to take a device out of your pocket or bag to get the time. The watch on your wrist is within easy reach of your eyes, effortlessly. This is very useful when you are driving or have your hands engaged in performing other tasks.

The style

The women’s watch is a fashion accessory in its own right. It fully contributes to asserting your look and your dress style. A watch suitable for the clothes you wear will highlight them. It is the ideal accessory to polish your style while taking advantage of its practical side.

The variety of choice

The ladies’ watch is available in countless models, brands, shapes and colors. You’ll be spoiled for choice. There is something for all tastes and for all budgets. By following our advice for choosing a women’s watch, you will certainly find a model that will perfectly adorn your wrist.

A timeless accessory

The women’s watch is a timeless accessory. Since the invention of the wristwatch by Cartier in 1904, the accessory has stood the test of time. More than a century later, we still proudly wear our watches on our wrists. It has known how to modernize itself and stand the test of time. If you are looking for a gift to give for a birthday, Mother’s Day or other event, opt for a watch for women.

A wide choice in terms of price

Whatever your budget, you will certainly find a suitable ladies’ watch. The most affordable models can be bought for around thirty dollars. Luxury watches are worth several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars. There is something for all budgets.

The different brands of women’s watches

In our opinion, the best brands of women’s watches in 2021 are:

Michael kors




S. Oliver

The American brand is one of the biggest players in the fashion market in the United States and around the world. In addition to ready-to-wear and sportswear, Michael Kors also offers collections of luxury accessories, including high-quality ladies’ watches. The brand’s watches are stylish while maintaining the casual style that they hold dear.

What is the price of a ladies’ watch

The diagram below will help you get an idea of ​​the prices usually charged for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However,  more expensive does not necessarily mean better .

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

Entry level

$ 30 to $ 125


125 $ to 200 $


+ 200 $

Presentation of price ranges


Wear a ladies’ watch with thin bracelets

The current trend is to stack the watch with other bracelets. This ultimately comes to highlight it while decorating the forearm even better. But beware ! It is not recommended to wear bracelets that are too thick. Instead, choose those that are thin. This will bring out the originality of the watch among the small bracelets that surround it.

Choose the size of the watch according to your wrist width

We can sometimes forget it, but the choice of the size of the dial is made according to the width of the wrist. If you have thin wrists, opt for a model whose dial has a diameter of less than 28 mm. On the other hand, if your wrists are larger, you can go up to 35 mm. The idea is to choose a watch proportional to the width of the wrist.

A classic design that adapts to any look

There are the watches that we wear for special occasions and there is the one that we wear every day. For the second, choose classic models that can adapt to your everyday looks. A model with simple shapes with pastel colors and a rather discreet design will do just fine.

A square watch for serious outfits

The round-format ladies’ watch is always recommended. It is more classic and discreet. Nevertheless, you can opt for a square or rectangular watch in order to adapt it to a serious outfit. The angular shape with straight lines evokes authority. A rectangular watch goes very well with a chic and elegant tailored ensemble.

Wear the watch over the sleeve

You can perfectly wear a ladies’ watch over the sleeve of a garment. This is done with a sweater or a shirt. It also works well with gloves during the winter. This helps to showcase your beautiful watch. It is just as practical since you will have the time in view without having to raise your sleeve each time.


On which arm is a ladies’ watch worn?

It is customary to wear a ladies’ watch on the left arm . This tradition comes from the fact that the watches of yesteryear were all mechanical. It was therefore necessary to activate them with the winder, which is easier to handle with the right hand when you are right-handed, and 90% of the population is. This does not prevent you from wearing your watch on your right arm, if you are left-handed or if you simply like it.

How often do you maintain a ladies’ watch?

Mechanical ladies’ watches require more regular and expensive maintenance. A review every two to five years, depending on the frequency of use, is necessary. Quartz watches and smartwatches hardly need maintenance.

Can a smartwatch have an analog display?

Yes ! Recent models can combine a screen and an analog display on the same dial. This keeps the classic look of an analog watch while still benefiting from the modern functionality of a connected watch. In some cases, the digital display mimics that of an analog dial. These watches are mainly aimed at people who do not always appreciate a 100% digital display, but who are looking to equip themselves with a connected watch.

Should you choose a watch with a leather or a steel strap?

The choice depends above all on your tastes. Both types of bracelets have their advantages. Note, however, that the leather strap denotes a more elegant tone. This type of bracelet is also found on so-called “dress” watches that are worn with sophisticated outfits on special occasions.

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