Cons and Pros of moving this 2022

Moving can cause many family members anxiety and stress of purchasing a new home as well as selling their existing one. Speaking from experience of moving 5 times in the last 6 years, it’s a lot on everyone to go through not only the emotions of if and when you move but then actually moving and getting to the new place. For those that are interested in the moving process, first-time home buyers or those that are just looking for some tips on moving in general, I hope this article comes in handy for you. I will explain some Cons and Pros of moving this 2022.

Pros of moving into a new home

Of course there are a lot of reasons to move into a new home. When thinking of a brand new home versus a ‘used’ home at that, there really is something to be said for the desirability of moving into a place that no one has ever been in before. Everything is clean and tidy, details are unique and the appliances aren’t falling apart every time you open the door. While it may not be in your budget to build a brand new home ( it took my family and me a few years to save up enough money to move into ours ) it does help me think of what your dream home could have. Sometimes starting from scratch is a great way to go especially if you are someone who wants to stay away from a resale home and likes things extra neat and clean. 

Contrary to having a new construction checked off your bucket list, keep in mind that not all builders are equal when it comes to policies, skills, and your opinions. When we looked into our new home, the builder was one that we absolutely loved, felt he followed our ideas, and was in the business for more than 30 years. He had a great reputation for building quality and reliable homes so we knew we could trust his word and his work from other people we talke with as well, also give us his personal cell phone number to call day or night if we had any questions.

He called us with updates weekly to share what was going to be happening, what had already happened, and any bumps that went on throughout the process which was extremely helpful. Some builder’s don’t allow you to stop by your home while they are working on it but he said to come over, ask questions, and check everything out with our own eyes as often as we wanted to make sure we felt comfortable and positive in our decision since we were the ones that would be living in it. It felt such a blessing to have someone who truly cared because we would hear horror stories of other builders from people who also built a home and did not have the same experience as we did. Make sure to check out homes that they’ve completed, talk to your neighbors who have previously worked with them and make sure that there are no major complaints filed against them. You’ll find the great ones out there. 

Another pro about moving into a new home is that there aren’t previous scuff marks, dents or past holes that previous owners have left. If you need help moving items into your new home, be sure to contact 24/7 Logistic Services who has the professional take on how to move the heavier items into your home so they don’t dent or put holes into the walls. This highly recommended business offers services including labor only, long distance moving in Hollywood, Florida as well as apartment moving, military and more. Be sure to call them if you are in need of assistance moving your furniture! 


Image: 24/7 Logistic Services

Cons of moving into a new home

Some Cons might be it might not be exactly what you want right off. There are certain things that the construction company might offer that might not be to your taste. My best bet would be to take the lower option first and then change it out as the months and years go by. There were certain fixtures and backsplashes I did not like for our kitchen and bathroom so I opted for them to take them off the list and hire a different contractor once we officially moved into the home. It was a great option to have so I could get the exact look I was envisioning for those spaces. Lamps and lighting fixtures are such an easy thing to do when we had the money and the idea of what to really get. 

Now that you have a few ideas on the pros and cons of moving into a new home, I’d love to hear your take on what’s been a burden or a blessing for you if you built your home or your home buying process! 





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