Navigating across the internet I found this campaign DON’T LABEL ME, WHAT WE ALL NEED TO HEAR from a photographer on Facebook saltandlightphotography which drive my attention. I was bullied at school and I take modeling workshops to come out of my shell and thru the years on the industry I have learn that true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We are women, and we have to learn to be happy with who we are. Yes, we can wear makeup, heels and get our hair done but that’s just something to enhance our true beauty. I believe this “tools” can be used to feel “pretty” on the outside but true beauty reveals on your self confidence from the inside and you are unique. I will post what this campaign shout to every women.

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We want to break society’s standards and the cookie cutter mold that we are expected to fit into.
We have yet to have met a woman who is completely comfortable in her own skin and wouldn’t change a thing about herself. We’ve been called names, cat called, abused, sexualized, looked down upon and labeled because of our appearances.

Kim Kardashian is beautiful but there is only one her. We ought not to be expected to be her and to manipulate our bodies to an image fitting to the standard of being “like her.”
These are our bodies, the only ones we will ever get. So, let’s live our lives.

Today, we want to say screw you to the contouring and spandex. To filters and tummy trimmers. To weightloss pills and pushup bras. To every horrible, uncomfortable, unrealistic standard of which we feel we have to live by. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends. We are women. We are strong. Unified. Bonded. We are unapologetically confident from here on out.

Here’s to being real, vulnerable, unedited and raw. Here’s to the beginning of a week long series collaboration from Salt and Light Photography and Fierce, Faithful and Fabulous on the stories behind these women. The “fat”. The “skinny”. The “black”. The “white”. The “in between”. The “slut”. The “crippled”. The “bad mom”. The “different”.
Here’s to us being us, so “DON’T LABEL ME.”
Abby & Meg


  1. When you’re young, you want to fit in so, you blend. When you blend, you lose yourself. Stand out, be proud of being different. Every young person should dare to be different or to be themselves. They will indeed change the world!

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