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As defined on Wikipedia, Jewellery or jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets. Your jewelry is an important accessory that adds an extra element to every outfit. From necklaces to rings to bracelets to charms, the type of jewelry you wear could depend on your outfit for the day. What’s better that finding glamorous jewelry without guilt? Well I buy almost everything online since a couple of years ago so doing my normal navigating thru the internet I came across with Agatha & Helen. I love the fact that all the jewelry is unique in their own style, and they even have a Guide on How to Upgrade your style with Statement Jewelry that you can download for free at the Home Page located at the up right corner Download here . The guide is very helpful and shows you 2 main techniques on how to wear jewelry.

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Starting the Jewelry hunting for my concept shoot

I start looking thru the page and there where 2 accessories that makes me fall in love. I was planning a shooting with the Glamorous/Rich Life Mood and these 2 where the winners. The first one was this stunning (I love tassels found them stunning).

        Glass Beaded Ball Tassel Pendant Necklace


And the second ones where this Gorgeous earrings that match my Tassel unique necklace.

                                                                       Metal Fringe Drop Earrings


They match perfectly with my mood board for my modeling shooting, I am  a model I try that every detail match with the main theme of the shoot and this accessories where the hit. Following the final results of my shooting with Agatha & Helen Accesories.


The shoot result

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Jewelry in a shoot is as important as the model, the photographer or the attire. It gives that extra sparkle to all the concept adding an statement to the whole concept. Choosing this two pieces as part of my vision of glamour/rich mood was easy, they inspire luxury and style but without the guilt of expending thousand in jewelry pieces. I find interesting that they have a blog called The Brazen that shares the same kind of vision as me on my blog:

“The word BRAZEN means being bold, unashamed and not apologizing for who we are. It is rooted in confidence that oozes when personality meets purpose.

Life happens and living boldly while keeping our authenticity doesn’t come naturally.

Sometimes, it takes going through a steep learning curve and making a conscious effort every single day to master the required skills.”

Wearing the most expensive makeup, do your hair, buying the best dress or jewelry doesn’t give you confidence.  Who you are and your purpose in life and with talents comes responsibility of lifting others in the way. Finding women with the same mission and philosophy motivates me to be part of their journeys. Sponsoring great work,  The accessories at her online store, it represents uniqueness, confidence and a bold statement of empowerment.

Behind the scenes:


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