How To Unpack Efficietly After Moving

Moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone. For some, packing is all labor but does anyone talk about what you do when you get to your destination? Unpacking at a new home can leave you feeling full of energy and opportunity. Others love the anticipation that comes with packing up their home but they hate unpacking everything when the movers have just left your boxes or furniture all over the house. Whichever spot you are in, having a basic process can help you decide what you need to work on and hopefully make it as smooth as possible. 

What Does A System mean?

Before you jump opening random boxes, you need to know what you are unpacking. Make sure you have some sort of system that you created before you moved to your new home. This can be having an inventory list left by the movers or one that you created to keep track of all your belongings. Ideally, your items should be in according to either room or usage. Examine the box label or open them up, peer inside and decide if it’s one you want to open up now or later. 

Open Essentials First: One of the first boxes you should open up right away are the essential items you need to have in your home for the short term. If you don’t have boxes, look for that you need to get by for a few nights. Some of these boxes can include any basic toiletries, medication, books, paperwork that has key phone numbers or key addresses, and basic food preparation such as dishes, knives, forks, and spoons. 

Bedrooms: After your kitchen is put together, you should be bedrooms together including beds or linens for each bedroom. Ideally, you might have to set aside a single set of linens for each bed when you packed. This is helpful to help get ready for the first night and make it easier for you. Decide on the furniture placement and closet organization before you unpack that box as well. Installing shelves or closet organization units can make it easier and feel more productive once the rest of the room is put together. 

Bathrooms: You’ll want to make sure that your bathroom fixtures are functioning already before you move in ( provided that the water is already turned on ) so you can unpack any toiletries, towels, or other bathroom items. Nothing makes a house feel like a home than having a comfortable and fully stocked bathroom. Begin by unpacking important items such as body care products, medications, a shower curtain, and towels. 

Weston Moving and Storage

A few other ideas that might help you to unpack is planning. Each room will look like before you begin to unpack too many boxes. Anticipate what furniture you’ll need too. Rather than putting off work such as lining the cabinet shelves or installing organizers, do it now when it’s the most efficient and new. Make the space your own by hanging up pictures, adding personal touches of your personality with colorful towels or rugs, and take your time. If you’re feeling super overwhelmed, ask a moving company to help you!  Weston Moving and Storage is a quality and trustworthy company to help you unpack! They can assist with not just moving but unpacking and commercial moving in the Broward County area and help answer any questions or concerns you have. 

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