If You’re Moving This Summer-Read This!

Big changes are on the horizon as the world begins to open back up, and for some, that means a move to a new neighborhood, city, or state. So many things come with moving, but doing these 6 might just make things a bit easier. I’m sure all of us could use a little bit of ease right now, am I right? If You’re Moving This Summer-Read This!


Have A Plan, But Be Flexible

Planning ahead is key in the moving process. A good plan keeps you focused, organized, and on track to complete your goal. Start by marking days off on your calendar for specific moving tasks like, buying tape, boxes, and researching moving companies. Try your best to stick to your schedule, but be flexible as life happens and we have to allow room for the unexpected. Give yourself an extra week or two on top of your schedule, just in case you need the extra time, and somehow we always do. Your plan should give you structure, but don’t let it run you into the ground, be flexible, and rearrange your schedule if you have to. (don’t forget, you gave yourself an extra two weeks to get everything done!) 

Beat The Heat – Move At Night 

Sometimes we just can’t help when we move, and while each season brings its challenges, a move in the summer can be particularly difficult. California summers are getting hotter and hotter each year, and this summer is no different (It’s 117° right now!) so opt-in for a nighttime move. There are several benefits to moving at night. Starting with the privacy you’ll get from prying eyes and the nosy nancies. It’s a lot safer, as the darkness conceals your valuables when moving in, you really don’t want the whole neighborhood knowing you have a Picasso in your house. Summer nights provide some of the most comfortable temperatures, making for a much better moving experience. Between the multiple trips to the car, the stairs, and everything in between, your last worry should be the weather! 


Let The Pros Handle It 

The best thing you can do for yourself is ask for help, and calling in a moving company might just be the best move you make this summer! Whether you have one room, or an entire house to pack up, let the pros handle it. For those living in Florida I recommend Weston Moving and Storage, they can get just about any job done! Residential, commercial, or needing help with safe moving in Broward County, their trained movers and professional trucks will take care of it. Remember that very important plan I was talking about earlier, well they will provide you with your own relocation manager who will be responsible for the entire relocation process, status updates, and staying on schedule. Some of you may need help with just the packing part of your move. In that case, they’ll do all the heavy lifting, provide boxes, tape, and even label and organize your boxes. An easy transition makes for a successful new beginning, and they  help you achieve both.

Image: Weston Moving and Storage



No, not that purge, no matter how nosy Nancy is. I’m talking about cleaning those skeletons out of the closet and donating them to Goodwill! There’s nothing worse than unpacking in your new home only to realize you just brought a bunch of junk with you. It’s time to let it go and make room for the new. Start by creating three piles, keep, donate, and trash. Plan to clean out at least one room and 2 drawers every week, and have plenty of trash bags. Some good donation options are churches, shelters, Goodwill, and Angel View. For those who need to make some extra cash, Facebook marketplace, the Nextdoor app, or a good old-fashioned garage sale may be your solution.

Make A Playlist

We do it for road trips, working out, and even the shower, so it only makes sense you have the perfect soundtrack while you embark on your new adventure. I’ve picked out two playlists to get you started, Mood Booster and Summer Hits!

Don’t Forget Your Packing Checklist

If you don’t want to forget anything, make sure you have a checklist! It will help you take the guesswork out and ensure you stay organized. When an item has been packed away, check it off and move on to the next. Not only will it feel good to check off an item, but you can visually see your progress. Don’t forget to double-check your list to make sure you didn’t miss any items. I recommend this checklist for all of your moving needs.


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