Photography: Confidence Booster

Who I’m

I had been a model for almost 20 years and photography is a key element of a model’s performance. Throughout the years I had been in front of the lens of many photographers; they helped me grow, mature and gave me confidence that has stayed with me to this day and this is how I see photography as a confidence booster.

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A photographer can be a big confidence booster because they see you from a different perspective. I have learned to trust them with their guidance in order to deliver fantastic poses, excellent poise, and fluid expression when being captured by a camera.

Through photography and those behind them -photographers- I have learned to love the art; as it has become a celebration of art and how a model interprets that on camera. In other words, a celebration of whom I have become. I have loved and enjoyed photography since I was very young, always posing and being theatrical in old family photos. It has always been a part of me!

I have always loved the options my modeling career has offered; which range from Runway Techniques, Acting, Dancing, among other things. However; photography and the photo shoots have always been a very fervent passion for me. These photoshoots have allowed me to express myself on the runway much more efficiently and they also showed me my inner self; full of confidence in my work and myself.

One of the most fun and favorite workshops I instruct is Photo Movement. These workshops allow my students to be themselves in front of a lens, from that point onward I teach them how to express what they feel on camera in a dynamic manner. Many of my students express their confidence through their poses, which when viewed through printed photography can say a lot about how comfortable they are with themselves and how confident they feel about themselves.

Some of my “Behind the scenes”

Before I became interested in modeling, I was a very shy and introverted teen. There was bullying present because I was very thin, wore corrective eyeglasses, and used dental braces. Through modeling, and the challenge it presented; I broke out of my inner shell. A professional photographer taught me which were my best angles for numerous different pictures; poses that accentuated my profile, how to use my body to express emotion…along the way, I gained my confidence.

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER on my modeling career with 16 years between each photo.

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