The 21 Year Old Who’s Revolutionizing The Fashion Business Industry

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This blog focuses on female empowerment, fashion awareness and soul beautification. Those core values, although executed a little differently, are almost identical to that of Calynn M. Lawrence, a real world SuperGirl. She is a two time award winning publicist and editor, fashion industry veteran and founder of a movement called “The Fresh Faces Project.” Oh yes, and she is only 21 years of age. She opted to share a few words with us and our audience.

What Are Your Most Valued Accomplishments? What Strategy Did You Use to Execute Them?

I think that my first most valued accomplishment would have to be the fact that I have been able to work my way up from being a 15 year old fashion intern at Nordstrom to being where I am now. I have traveled the country to sit in the seats of people whom I never could have imagined. Being able to say I sat front row at New York Fashion Week, and will be returning next year, is crazy. To be able to say that I regularly attend the events of large industry names such as Neiman Marcus, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Audi Fashion Week and many more is mindblowing and I am so grateful.

My second most valued accomplishment would have to be that The Fresh Faces Project. I started it when I was 18 years old, almost 4 years ago, and it has grown beyond belief. I have been able to work with over 100 start up businesses and aspiring talents around the globe offering them both free and discounted PR – Marketing services. To know that I played a tiny part in the success of their business really warms my heart more than the extra money that I could have earned if it weren’t a nonprofit campaign. I plan to grow The Fresh Faces Project to the point where I can reach thousands, help as many entrepreneurs as possible, because this truly is my passion.

How Do You Maximize Your Creative Output?

I think that in order for me to maximize my creative output, I have to be allowed creative freedom. Having been self employed for so long, I do not do well with strict guidelines and regulations with my work. I have been told that I have a very innovative, out of the box approach to PR – Marketing and that’s my strength. If I have too many rules, then my work hardly ever prospers. As I have always said since I was a preteen, I dare to be different, strive to be strange and crave to be crazy LOL.

What Is Some Advice You Have For Young Entrepreneurs?

Start as young as possible. If that means that you have to intern for free while you take up courses for your field, do it and build your resume, hone your craft. That way, when you strike out on your own you will have both the knowledge and the experience to be successful. Period. To me, there’s no other way. That’s how I did it and I recommend that is how everyone do it.

What is your favorite thing of working in the fashion-beauty industry?

Well, after having worked in the industry for 7 years, it’s almost all I’ve ever known. I definitely love what I do, but it isn’t for everybody. I work at least 6 days a week, every week and I have to travel pretty far to a lot of the fashion shows that I attend. Some of them lasting all day, sometimes multiple in one day. So, I love the excitement, the glitz, the privileges. But, I know that it is deserved when you consider the dedication involved.

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How Does It Feel To Have Made History Multiple Times?

Thank you for the ego boost LOL. It feels surreal, very encouraging. But, at the same time, I feel that “making history” should be viewed for what it is, and not blown too far out of proportion. Although I recognize that being the youngest to ever win Woman of 2017, or the youngest to ever win for Best Blog/PR at the Chicago Oscars etc is very impressive to some, I know that there are far more successful people my age than myself. I try to remember that. I pat myself on the back, but I never forget that there is always someone greater.

Who Do You Have To Thank For This?

Obviously, I thank my loved ones and anyone who has ever supported me. Shout-out to my parents for pushing me throughout my youth to stay on top of my game. Thank you to my family and friends, business partners and anyone else who has given me that reinforcement to push on that I needed, good or bad. Even if you were one of those people who down played me, “slept on me”, or broke my heart, I am grateful for you as well because that same disregard for me helps fuel my drive to make sure that I keep on pushing for the ones are in my corner. Word to my supporters. You can find Calynn M Lawrence-Award Winning Publicist-Editor, Founder of The Fresh Faces Project at:

E: fairytalefacesbycalynn@gmail.com

B: fashionthunderclap.blogspot.com

L: linkedin.com/in/calynnmlawrence


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