The best American bleaching shampoos: August 2021 comparison

Naturally pigmented hair and colored hair need a little lightning every now and then. Without necessarily going through the discoloration box, rarely beneficial to the hair, there are gentler and more effective methods. Champion of its kind, the American bleaching shampoo offers an excellent alternative, especially on rather light or medium bases. This is a mixture of products made at home or purchased from a specialist, which slightly discolors the hair. Read this guide to find out more.

Best American Bleach Shampoo Product in 2021

Best quality price report L’Oréal – Blondifier Cool Expert Series Neutralizing Shampoo


With a good texture, this L’Oréal shampoo is a great ally for your new bleaching method. It contributes to the effectiveness of the prepared product, but is also endowed with an extraordinary washing powder.

The components of L’Oréal Expert Blondifier Cool shampoo are suitable for all hair types. On the other hand, it will look best on blond hair, which requires more care than others. Use this shampoo to preserve your hair health. Associated with an effective oxidizing cream and a bleaching powder, it reveals a breathtaking and more natural color . Not only is it perfect for making an American shampoo, but it’s also a product that remains your best friend after fading. It gives shine and subtlety to your treated hair. It has the ability to preserve the effect of this method for longer.

Best cheap Shwarzkopf – Oxidant 9% BlondMe Premium Developer

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ & Developer 9%/ 30 Volume DUO SET NEW

Ideally used with a bleaching powder from the same range, this oxidizer is very effective in lightening your hair a little. It’s a must-have for making a good bleaching American shampoo.

With a capacity of 1 L, the oxidant Schwarzkopf Premium Developer has already attracted more than one. She promises beautiful blonde undertones and also conceals the rebellious white hair . Being a volume 30 product, it can be intense for some hair types. Moreover, it is used only on the lengths. Also, it is better not to apply it on the scalp. Most importantly, this Schwarzkopf oxidizer is less aggressive than other similar products. It is the component that gives life to your hair once the method is applied. The texture will simply take your breath away when BlondMe Premium Developer 9% is paired with the right ingredients.

For fragile hair Wella – Lot of 3 Welloxon Perfect oxidizing creams

Wella Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer 20 Vol 6% 33.8 oz

This is an alternative for those who cannot stand 30 volume oxidizing creams. Two doses of Welloxon Perfect oxidant are enough to bring out the best aspect of your coloring.

Wella Welloxon Perfect oxidizing cream guarantees a homogeneous result all over the head if you plan to discolour. The effect is breathtaking from root to length . It mixes easily with your favorite shampoo and that aforementioned professional powder . The whole gives birth to a good texture, pleasant to apply and above all very effective. With a volume of 20, it lightens your hair with a tone. For this offer, you will have 3 bottles of oxidizing cream to renew your American bleaching shampoo as many times as you want. All the more so with the characteristics of this product, the process could be even longer.

How to choose your bleaching American shampoo

First, you should know that the American bleaching shampoo is not a real shampoo, contrary to what its name suggests. It is above all a mixture of bleaching products. Find out how to choose them to get the right formula.

Criterion n ° 1: Hair color

The use of an American shampoo depends mainly on the color of your hair, natural or chemically tinted. If the base is dark, that is to say chestnut, brown or black, the result will not be very conspicuous, quite simply because this method is for the lighter bases a priori . Even if you lengthen the break time, you will not have the same effect. On the contrary, the hair will have copper highlights which you may or may not like. It really depends on everyone. On light colors, you will have a significant change of a few tones. 

Criterion n ° 2: The components

The components of an American shampoo are often the same: oxidizing cream, lightening powder, classic shampoo. First things first, oxidizing cream is a must-have for any bleaching process, including American shampoo. It contains hydrogen peroxide and a softening component. Its role is to fix the colors in addition to protecting the hair. For our method, we must prefer a product of 30 volumes.

Then, the lightening powder whether it is white, blue or purple intervenes to discolor and not the other way around. You just have to know that the blue is more intense, while the white is less aggressive. Violet is also perfect for sensitive hair. It neutralizes the warm tones of colors, hence the brightening effect. For the shampoo, nothing special, your usual shampoo does the trick, or a stripping shampoo to have a precise discoloration.

Criterion n ° 3: Homemade or at a hairdresser?

Making an American bleaching shampoo at home is cheaper. This is a good solution if you are sure you know enough about it, because although it is gentler, this method still presents risks for certain types of hair. To benefit from expert advice, it is therefore necessary to call in a specialist. And when you are planning a hair color, this technique is mainly used by your hairdresser.

Criterion n ° 4: The sellers

As mentioned above, there is no American shampoo already made on the market . It is up to you or your hairdresser to do this for each procedure. Anyway, the products and materials used to prepare it can be found in supermarkets and online. For this purpose, we offer you the best products in this guide.

How to prepare an American bleaching shampoo?

So, for the preparation, you must already have the products mentioned in the higher parts: oxidizing cream, lightening powder, shampoo. The powder can be replaced by oil. Add to that the materials needed to make the mixture. Avoid any metal tool, instead use plastic or wooden utensils. Here is a small list of what you need:

  • Bowl
  • Mixer
  • Doser

Small precision for the dispenser: choose its size according to the quantity of your hair. It could be a bottle cap, a spoon. And for the oxidizing cream, volume 30 is sure to ensure a good result, but go for volume 20 if you are worried about the condition of your hair.

For each volume of cream its dosage

Add one strength for 30 volume and two strengths for 20 volume.

Now let’s move on to the actual preparation and application.

  • The dosage: a dose of shampoo, a dose of bleaching powder, one or two doses of cream.
  • Mix the ingredients in the bowl
  • Apply like regular shampoo
  • Use a plastic comb during the process
  • Let stand
  • Rinse off with plenty of water

For the exposure time, it varies from 3 to 15 min depending on the expected rendering. So check as you go to see if you can rinse off or continue for a bit.

The tips first, the roots at the end

The tips take longer to thin out. To have a homogeneous result, start to apply the American shampoo from the bottom to the root.

American bleaching shampoo or pure bleaching?

First The American bleach shampoo:

It is really the gentler alternative to change the hair color a bit. There is less risk of damaging the hair. It is used before a nest coloring in order to prepare the base. The American shampoo also removes the slightly bizarre reflections which clash with the desired result at the start of coloring. It therefore gets rid of unwanted pigments.

Pure discoloration

Pure bleaching remains the most effective method for totally lightening the entire hair. It is essential on dark bases. The pause time is here longer and the products more intense. But, it really, but then really damages the hair. So, now you know what to expect and pay attention.


If your goal is to slightly lighten your hair, American shampoo will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, it is necessary to turn to the classic method to have a more pronounced result. And then, the effect of the American shampoo does not last longer than the other. Except that it is relatively more effective when you want to take care of your hair at the same time.


Care is essential before application …

Do the right care before proceeding with this technique whether your hair is healthy or not. Among the things to do, add oil in the product or on your hair. Several washes with a honey mask could also protect the hair.

… And also after.

The hair all becomes dry after bleaching, which is why it also needs to be well maintained after using an American shampoo. Favor the conditioner, especially on the lengths. Afterwards, the masks with bananas or vegetable butters, very nourishing, do a lot of good.

Observe the good break time.

The dwell time is shorter than with pure discoloration. 5 minutes minimum and 15 minutes maximum.

Never use a metallic object!

It is never good to use a metallic object, as this material oxidizes easily and could cause an unexpected chemical reaction.

No bleaching American shampoo on damaged hair!

This method is strictly reserved for hair in excellent health. Otherwise, it could have an aggressive effect. So, ignoring this restriction will be done at your own risk.


What is the best American bleach shampoo?

The best American bleach shampoo depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How often is it applied?

When we do not yet obtain the expected clarification, we want to repeat the experience. This is not very serious, but it should be done once a week, ideally between 2 treatments.

Is American Bleach Shampoo Right For Everyone?

In addition to broken and dry hair, this process is not a good idea in case of allergy to the components used. Also avoid it if you recently had a perm.

What result can we expect?

American shampoo provides more moderate lightening than discoloration. On the other hand, the rendering is homogeneous and the hair is less tortured.

Where to buy American shampoo?

We buy the ingredients, not the American shampoo. You will find them on the site of specialists and hairdressing salons or in pharmacies and in the usual shops.

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