The best Dyson hairdryers: August 2021 comparison

No time to air dry your hair? Tired of frizz that makes hair indomitable? The Dyson hair dryer is obvious. Innovative, the invention of the English brand has flourished and conquered individuals and professionals. Redesigned design and operation, patented technology that is the subject of a fully-fledged type of hair dryer, better consideration of your hair health, this is what awaits you with the Dyson hair dryer range. Read this guide and find yours.

The best Dyson hair dryer in 2021

Best quality price report Dyson Supersonic fuschia

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer * Professional Stylist Edition * Nickel (Sealed in Box)


Who doesn’t know Dyson? The English brand is at the origin of the Dyson Supersonic, a hair dryer designed for unparalleled performance, efficiency and ergonomics. But the price is still so… Dyson!

Dyson has completely redesigned its Supersonic hairdryer. The intelligent temperature control and the 1600 W digital EC motor guarantee optimum efficiency for both drying and smoothing. The motor is placed in the handle, unlike other models. This hair dryer weighs 610 g and offers 3 speeds and 3 temperatures.

The Dyson Supersonic keeps a constant temperature to preserve your hair . The sound is obviously weak, barely 60 dB. And the 2.7 m long cord enhances the maneuverability of the device. The diffusion of fresh air is very practical to fix and finalize the hairstyle. Finally, this rather expensive hair dryer is sold with a suspension ring, a non-slip mat, a diffuser and 2 concentrators: 1 for drying and 1 other for brushing.

Best cheap Remington AC9096 Silk

Remington AC9096 Silk Haartrockner


The Remington AC9096 Silk hair dryer has enough to make the top-of-the-range models produced by Dyson pale: powerful motor with Turbo function, ceramic grid, 6 temperature settings, brushing option …

Thought you couldn’t get a good ionic hair dryer because of your limited budget? Fear not, the Remington AC9096 Silk will delight your hair as well as your wallet. It has a powerful and efficient 2400 W long-lasting motor , enough to free you from your frequent hairdressing appointments. Of course, the ceramic coating of this model guarantees an impeccable brushing at home.

In addition to its silk protein ring, the Remington AC9096 Silk is equipped with a high efficiency ion generator which considerably reduces frizz. An air flow of 140 km / h offers you quick drying. Turbo mode increases this flow by 10%. 3 levels of heat are available to you.

Best high end Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Limited Edition Gift Set, Fuchsia/Nickel


Despite their similar appearance, the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition is quite different from the classic version from a technical point of view. For those who want to do it fast and well, this hair dryer is a must.

Dyson offers an exclusive rate for professionals in order to have easier access to this hair dryer. In view of its many qualities, it is no surprise that this device is very popular with celebrity hairdressers. The grip is enough to build confidence in order to produce the best possible results . A longer cable is provided so as not to interfere with the professional during his work. This is a remarkable feature for a busy living room.

Other than that, hairdressers will be able to benefit from one more tip with this Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition, the gentle drying tip, compared to individuals who purchase the classic Dyson Supersonic. The English brand makes your life easier by offering a replacement filter that can cope with the pace with which the device is used.

How to choose your dyson hair dryer

Since the first use of this essential device for hair care, several things have changed: design, fashions, technology used … During all this time, certain criteria of choice still remain, but others have emerged to add to those already existing.

Criterion n ° 1: Getting started

The ergonomics and the weight of the hair dryer are taken into account. Whatever use you are going to make of it, you are going to have to hold it for several minutes, even more than an hour if you are dealing with thick and / or long hair. Make sure it isn’t too big. It will be more difficult to handle it. The buttons should be accessible and the hair dryer light enough. Not to mention the length of the cable which should in no way hinder your movements.

Criterion n ° 2: Accessories

The accessories allow you to vary the use. Of course, it is a hair dryer, but it would be a shame to deprive itself of the other functions of this type of device, in particular brushing or diffusing cold air. There should be at least two heads for these two usage options. The brushing nozzle allows you to achieve a more stylish hairstyle and the diffuser, being less aggressive, takes care of fragile hair.

Criterion n ° 3: The type of hair

You know it very well, heat damages the scalp. Still, not all hair types have the same resistance. They also have different needs. The wrong choice of hair dryer can ruin all your care and repair efforts. It might be too strong for your hair type. Technology can also be inappropriate. In any case, using a device with a power greater than 2000 Watts is never good for fragile hair and especially for those with natural curls. It affects their structure and their volume. Medium power means slower drying time, but it’s still better than hair that’s damaged outright from simple repetitive drying. Users with curly hair have a greater need for a diffuser tip.

Criterion n ° 4: Use

No need to equip yourself with a tool with technologies that you do not master if you are not even going to use it. The characteristics of the ideal hairdryer actually depend on your needs. You must provide an air concentrator accessory to do a fairly regular brushing. It will be faster and more convenient. A fairly sturdy device is also required in this case.

For those who move quite often, an ergonomic model is necessary. Compactness is also an essential feature. The type of motor here is to check if you are a professional looking for something durable. Note that the AC motor has a longer life compared to the DC motor.

Criterion n ° 5: The interview

Choose devices that do not give you a hard time cleaning. Those who just need a wipe up. It can also be replaced by a soft bristle brush. The rear grille is often a problem, because it is quite difficult to scrub. Then, the filter must be accessible, because it is often the source of failure of a hair dryer due to the dust that accumulates inside. The maintenance of a hair dryer is normally done once a month to preserve its lifespan.

Maintaining the Dyson Hair Dryer Filter

The most important part of a hair dryer is the filter. Recognizing the role of this part, Dyson makes it easy to access so that users do not need to call in professionals to maintain it. On the Dyson Supersonic, the filter is located in the handle, i.e. on the lower part of the device. Impossible to miss it, because there is a very clear inscription on this accessory. To access it, rotate the lower part of the handle to open it. However, you have to be very careful not to break it. It is made with fairly thin plastic which does not appear to be very sturdy.

The function of the filter is to retain all the dirt such as dust or hair. To clean it, you need a cloth or a soft brush. Clean it gently and that’s it. The last thing to do is put the filter back in place.

The different types of Dyson hair dryers

Dyson only produces 2 types of hair dryers. They look the same and stand out in the accessories and some parts inside the sleeve. One is intended for the general public and the other is more for trade shows.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic is a futuristic model that entered the market in 2016. Its power is given to it by the Dyson V9 engine. This allows the fan to achieve a feat of 110,000 revolutions / min. This element and Air Multiplier technology shorten the drying time. Thanks to this system, the air flow obtained becomes 3 times more intense. Concretely, this device gives the equivalent of 13 liters of air per second to quickly dry all types of hair.

The power of the heat is controlled 20 times per second on the Dyson hair dryer in order to keep the hair healthy. The device has 3 temperature levels and 3 power levels and adapts better to each need and care to be undertaken. However, be prepared for some noise nuisance as with most hair dryers on the market.

As for the accessories, it comes with 3 tools which inherit a very practical magnetic attachment. These are the diffuser for curly hair, the Dyson Styling concentrator for quick blow-drying, and the straightener tip that dries and beautifies the hairstyle.

Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition Hair Dryer

Accessories and functions more suited to professional use. This model of Dyson hair dryer has only one color and looks the same as the first type of device. However, it has a longer power cable of 3.3m. It comes with 4 accessories:

  • A diffuser: it is more efficient than the one that comes with the hair dryer for individuals. Defines curls better, it also has long teeth which have a remarkable effect on frizz.
  • A Gentle Drying Tip: Propelling a smoother airflow than the other heads of this hair dryer, this one is suitable for very fine hair. This does not mean that the drying time becomes slower.
  • A professional air concentrator: professionals are entitled to a larger concentrator. Speed ​​is at the heart of the manufacturer’s concern here. Professional hairdressers get the best results with this accessory.
  • A smoothing nozzle: the air flow generated by this nozzle is more homogeneous. This allows the hair to be dried gently while maintaining optimal drying time. It is a very useful accessory before brushing, because it gets rid of the water that remains along the hair very effectively.
  • A spare filter
  • A non-slip mat

Aside from the accessories, the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition is equipped with a filter more up to par with salon use. It withstands several successive uses and the cleaning frequency is reduced without compromising its performance. This is very practical for a salon that receives a lot of people. With this version, the cold air function is activated in two ways, with the dedicated button or by holding the temperature control button.

? Dyson Bladeless Fan

The bladeless fan on the Dyson hair dryer provides precise and continuous airflow. It’s more pleasant to use, especially since the air is softer thanks to the power mastered on devices in this range.

Dyson or Remington hair dryer

Dyson hair dryer

It is the most futuristic hair dryer model around. With complete accessories, it comes in a version for individuals and another for professional hairdressers. Its temperature and power levels are appreciated by all users, as they allow them to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles. This Dyson jewel is also distinguished by its easy handling.

Remington Hair Dryer

Remington is a brand that focuses on variety. Thus, customers have access to a wide choice of hair dryers to achieve all hairstyles. There is a temperature range that meets all needs, but also a variety of accessories. The price is within the reach of all users, individuals and professionals. The flagship products of the brand are the Air 3D D7779, the Proluxe 2400W, the D6092DS or the Pro Silk. Each of these devices has remarkable specifics that satisfy all types of hair care needs.


The Dyson Supersonic responds to a specific demand. It appeals to users who are not fans of ultra power. The technology used on this care tool is unique in its kind. Its efficiency is irreproachable. On the other hand, you have to pay a price, and it is not given to everyone. This is Remington’s biggest advantage. Everyone finds their share and the characteristics of their products are very varied and correspond to all ranges.

Why buy a (good) Dyson hair dryer?

For shiny hair

Dyson Supersonic does not expose hair to extreme heat which is sure to damage it. With the intelligent heat control, used by the manufacturer, the hair does not have pores and thus concentrates the light instead of scattering it. This is the explanation for this shine which is very popular with users after drying with this revolutionary hair dryer.

Easy-to-use hair dryers

You will get by easily even without the instructions for use. Although, nothing prevents you from using it if necessary. The settings are very easy, because the buttons are very intuitive. Not to mention that it is equipped with magnetic tips. Their assembly is a real breeze.

Relatively short drying time

Despite its temperature control, the Dyson hair dryer keeps a good pace when it comes to drying time. For quick drying on fine, medium-length hair, this appliance takes 4 minutes.

To take advantage of various uses

The accessories delivered by Dyson allow users to achieve a variety of treatments and hairstyles ranging from simple blow-drying and professional blow-drying to defining curls on curly and wavy hair.

Innovative design

By opting for the Dyson hair dryer, you dare a particular and avant-garde design. Added to this is new technology that offers performance and versatility.

The different brands of Dyson hair dryers

In our opinion, the best Dyson hair dryer brands in 2021 are:






Founded in 1993, the Dyson company manufactures vacuum cleaners and air purifiers that are equally innovative from each other. It also specializes in hair care products whose hair dryer stands out among all other models on the market. The whole design of this device has been redesigned. Its engine alone was created by 15 engineers. Which earned him an unbeatable performance.

What is the price of a dyson hair dryer

The diagram below will help you get an idea of ​​the prices usually charged for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However,  more expensive does not necessarily mean better .

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

Entry level

35 $ to 150 $


150 $ to 300 $


+ 300 $

Presentation of price ranges


Here is the key to having natural drying

To have a breathtaking and above all natural result, favor the lowest heat and power. With this lens, no need to use a mouthpiece. Use your hand to separate the hair while drying.

Know how to get a rendering worthy of a professional hairdressing salon

To get a beautiful hairstyle, you have to know how to use the corresponding tip. The air concentrator is essential here. The air flow should always be directed downwards while smoothing. Make sure that the tip comes close to your hair without necessarily touching it. For the temperature, there is no need to set the max level. Increase gradually if needed.

Harness the potential of the diffuser

The diffuser is reserved for curly hair! Received idea !

This is the accessory that will give you the volume you expect if used wisely. He also performs different hairstyles on all the hair. With this tip, the hair is dried in large strands mainly along the length. This is the technique for having more or less defined waves depending on the texture of the hair.

At each temperature its technique

The Dyson hair dryer works with 3 temperature levels: 60 °, 80 ° and 100 °. Each is used differently. The first is essential for successful pre-drying. You can’t blow dry at this low temperature unless you have very fine hair. From the second level, brushing is accessible to all users. The higher temperature is reserved for sophisticated styling on dense hair.

Adopt the right hair routine with this hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic fits into your hair routine and is therefore accompanied by various care products depending on the nature of your hair. They can be applied before and / or after using this device.


Are hair dryers on the internet reliable?

The point of this guide is to introduce you to reliable products from reputable manufacturers and traders. By shopping on the internet, you have the opportunity to see all the details about the features of your favorite hair dryers . Then, the web is a large market to exploit which also allows you to compare several offers easily and without leaving your home.

Can I blow dry with a Dyson hairdryer?

Yes. Thanks to the concentrator supplied as part of the Dyson hair dryer accessories , individuals and professionals can achieve real blow-drying quickly and at any time. An adapted and quality air flow is generated by this wide nozzle in order to obtain an impeccable result for this use. He also has the ability to arrange a few strands without touching the entire head.

Can I expect volume with the Dyson diffuser?

Use the Dyson Supersonic diffuser to get that volume you crave. It is perfect for bringing out your natural curls. Equipped with wide teeth, it is the ideal accessory to eliminate frizz and release the full thickness of your hair. At the same time, it provides a controlled finish, even on the most rebellious hair.

What do the lights on my Supersonic mean?

The Supersonic hair dryer may flash. This only means one thing: the filter needs cleaning . The LEDs are red or white. In all cases, remove the small cylinder from its cage and carry out its usual maintenance. If this does not solve the problem, call the manufacturer’s assistance service, the number of which is available on their website.

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