The best hair straighteners: August 2021 comparison

A poor quality straightener can damage your hair fiber in one go. So, to keep your hair smooth and supple, it is better to use a good hair straightener. That’s good, because this buying guide is dedicated to the 4 best straighteners of the moment.

The best straightener in 2021

Best quality price report GHD Styler Max

ghd Classic Original IV Hair Straightener, Black Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler

With the GHD Styler Max straightener, quickly get salon-quality results without leaving the comfort of your home. Of an excellent quality, this hair straightener allows you to have a perfect smoothing, day after day.

By producing this version of the Styler Max, GHD is once again proving that it is a heavyweight in the design of hair straighteners for women. If you have long, thick and / or curly hair, this straightener will work wonders on your hair. Its large plates will allow you to style your hair more easily and more effectively. They’ll cut the time you spend in front of your mirror in the morning before you leave for work in half.

Note that the GHD Styler Max straightener embeds an unprecedented ceramic heating technology, designed so that shiny hair can stay healthy after straightening. The rounded plates of this device also allow a multitude of styling. As for efficiency, do we still need to talk about it?

Best cheap Furiden mini straightener

FURIDEN Curling Iron for Short Hair, Mini Flat Iron, Hair Curlers for Short Hair, Mini Hair Straightener for Bangs, Travel Hair Straightener Dual Voltage

Perfect for personal use, the Furiden travel straightener, but above all for its performance despite its small size. Whether you want to have silky, shiny, thick, wavy or curly hair, this mini straightener will help fulfill all your desires.

So that you can have the perfect straightening that you always wanted, Furiden offers you this mini straightener with ceramic coating. Intended for travel use and to be carried in a toiletry bag, this model offers a 60s heat-up time and helps maintain more even pressure as you slide the plates through your hair. Thanks to this mini straightener, your hair becomes smoother and silkier from roots to ends.

In addition to facilitating the straightening of hair, whatever their condition and volume, the Furiden mini straightener will allow them to stay healthy or revitalize. Another additional reason to adopt it, this device is compatible with all hair types and has an automatic standby function after 1 hour for added security.

An excellent choice REVLON

REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 inch

REVLON is the most powerful steam straightener of its generation. Its steam flow and retractable comb guarantee supple, shiny hair, even in the context of daily use.

Perfect straightening with maximum protection, that’s what this steam straightener promises. The Demeliss Titanium of Saint Algue offers a heating temperature of this smoothing device adjustable in 5 positions, ranging from 150 to 230 ° C. So you can use it, whatever the nature of your hair. Just remember that the finer and more fragile your hair, the lower the straightening temperature should be. Otherwise, a higher temperature is required.

The heating and floating plates of the Saint Algue Demeliss Titanium are covered with a titanium coating which gives them good longevity, but which also allows them to glide through the hair without any hitch. This coating also has the advantage of heating very quickly. This steam hair straightener will be ready to use in just 10 seconds.

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