The best kennels for cats: August 2021 comparison

The use of the doghouse is not only reserved for the dog. Indeed, in cats, it also seems to be very popular. The cat house acts as a shelter and refuge, where it can rest and find the comfort it needs. In general, there is a feline resting area in the house. Depending on the climate, if it is suitable, you can leave the cat house in the garden. Read our guide to find out more.

The best entry-level cat house

The best cheap YunNasi cat house

Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

If you have kittens, this cozy kennel with removable cushion and soft sheepskin entry from YunNasi is a must have. Cubic in shape, it measures 38 x 38 x 34 cm.

Very comfortable, the design of this YunNasi cat house offers your pet a cozy nest where he can hide and rest. The high density foam lined with soft sheepskin fabric and non-slip canvas make it a soft and welcoming niche. Its price remains attractive, and it is particularly suitable if you have a litter of kittens to raise. The YunNasi cat house can be used in 2 forms. It can be used as a warm sleeping bag with a windbreaker for your furball. Its half-closed design also makes it a comfortable outdoor cat bed. Note that the cushion is removable, washable and breathable.

2 in 1 Cat Bed for Indoor

Cat Bed for Indoor offers us this closed and foldable cat house to allow your pet to have a sleeping basket. It is also suitable for small dogs and rabbits.

This compromise between cat house and cat basket has a soft cushion. Dome shaped, it measures 38 x 38 x 38 cm and can accommodate a 5 kg feline. Its foldable and modular design allows it to be taken on a trip or even camping. For maintenance, special attention must be paid to the cushion. It should be gently machine washed, separately in cold water with a suitable detergent. The sleep of our felines is no longer a secret for everyone. This is why it is essential to have a corner dedicated to your rest. The non-slip bottom with rubber studs will prevent the cat from slipping on the wet floor.

The best high end SAVFOX

Usable both indoors and outdoors, this cat house with removable, soft and warm cushion is very spacious. Made of EVA, it is waterproof, insulated and robust.

The Puppy Kitty SAVFOX is made of EVA, a synthetic material known for its strength, lightness, thermal insulation and waterproofness. It goes without saying that you can use this 52 x 42.5 x 42 cm cat house both indoors and outdoors. Velcro and zipper closures allow the niche to be assembled or disassembled in less than 2 minutes, without any tools. Note the double exits allowing a quick escape to your animal in case of danger. One side is open and the other has a sheer curtain. Comfortable, this cat house has a removable and washable sleeping mat.

How to choose your cat house

There are a good number of kennels for cats, how to navigate? It is advisable to see some details before purchasing.

Criterion n ° 1: The size

It is essential to choose the right size for the cat house. Take the time to measure your cat and consider size accordingly. Your feline should not feel cramped or empty in the kennel. Indeed, it is important that the cat house preserves the necessary space that it needs, for its comfort. It should also be adjusted enough to his size to give him that feeling of security. Also think about where you are going to place it, that its size fits easily.

Criterion n ° 2: Manufacturing materials

The choice of materials depends on where you plan to put the cat house. In the case of a niche placed inside the house, opt for those designed in fabrics. They are very cozy and comfortable, very suitable for calm and domestic cats. If, on the other hand, your kitty prefers to take the air, the outside remains the ideal location. In this case, it is better to choose a wooden shelter. For an intermediate location, among others, on the veranda, it would be more appropriate to have a plastic cat house.

Criterion n ° 3: The location

In relation to what is said a little above, the location planned for the niche plays an essential role when choosing. Indeed, the place dedicated to your little feline will also determine criteria, among other things, the manufacturing materials to be preferred or the cleaning conditions. Opt for a waterproof kennel that is well insulated from the cold if your cat loves to lounge outside.

Criterion n ° 4: Comfort

We are looking for something welcoming and safe. Beyond that, the cat must find comfort and tranquility in its new shelter. The quality of the materials plays a role that should not be overlooked. In all cases, make sure that the bedding is very cozy, if possible in high density or memory foam. And make sure the bottom of the cat house is non-slip.

Criterion n ° 5: The interview

The ideal would be to have an easy to maintain cat house. In a house, hygiene is a point that should not be neglected. The cat house should be kept clean without you putting in much effort. Maintenance with a removable roof helps tremendously and be aware that wood models generally need more maintenance than fabric and plastic versions. Some offer cushions and a machine washable inner basket.

How to maintain a cat house?

A big sleeper by nature, the cat is the feline that spends the most time of its life sleeping. Pleasant sleep is always the result of adequate sleep. It is therefore necessary to maintain this place where he spends most of his time.

Obviously, the need and ease of maintenance varies depending on the doghouse and its location. Indeed, an indoor kennel model is easier to maintain, if in addition the cat rarely goes out. Here, it is enough to clean small daily dirties, and cat hair. Otherwise, the outdoor cat house which is suitable for the more wandering feline, perhaps dirtier, requires regular maintenance.

For cleaning the indoor doghouse, nothing could be easier. Shake it then vacuum the hairs using a vacuum cleaner for example. Then make way for machine or hand washing with specialized disinfectants. Repeat the same procedure for outdoor cat kennels. But consider using pest control to fight bacteria.

The different types of kennels for cats

There are several kinds of cat kennels on the market. But in reality, they are divided into 2 large families

The outdoor cat kennel

If you think the best location for the tank kennel is outside the house, go for something tough and insulated from the cold. According to consumers, wooden cat kennels are sturdy and weather resistant. Inspired by the dog house, the outdoor cat house has a roof similar to a small house, which makes it easier to drain water in the event of rain.

Kennels for indoor cats

If your cat prefers to stay at home, the Indoor Cat House is what you need. Its manufacture is generally based on polyester, fleece or other synthetic fibers. At first glance, it looks like a basket in the shape of a cave, it acts as a blanket. Easy to maintain, a spin in the washing machine and it’s clean.

Cat house or cat basket?

The cat basket

Very popular and never out of fashion, the cat basket guarantees the comfort of a cozy bed. You can find all kinds of them with a design that matches the size and weight of the cat. Rectangle, round and square, the manufacturing materials depend on the design. Some are made of fabric, others are plush, with a plastic backing and a removable pad for easy cleaning. However, the cat basket does not offer tranquility to the feline. It cannot be placed outside with a fairly humid climate.

The cat house

When we talk about kennels, we always think of the dog. The cat house serves as a shelter and a place to rest. Comfort, calm and security are there. Warm, the cat house can take many forms, such as a dome, cube or igloo. It looks like a small house with a high roof with a restricted entrance. On the other hand, the cat house is not suitable for felines who prefer the presence of their owners or for those who love to come and go in the house.


If your cat often hides in the closet or in a tree to escape the clutter and noise, the cat house is what you need. It allows your pet to hide, have fun and rest without anyone being able to disturb them. In case your feline prefers people around him and loves to interact, the basket is the best choice. Thus, he no longer reserves your sofa for his naps.


Put the bowl near the cat house

To encourage your pet to come, consider placing their bowl near the kennel and putting some treats in the kennel to encourage them to enter.

Choose a quiet place and don’t bother your pet!

A cat who appreciates the doghouse needs peace of mind. Make sure that the location of the kennel does not interfere with people or the cat on their way to and from your home.

Clean your cat’s house regularly

Take the time to maintain the cat house at least once every two days if it is an indoor kennel and every day for the outdoor kennel.

Observe your cat before acquiring a cat house

You have to observe the cat’s behavior to know if the kennel is best for your feline or the basket.

Respect the cat’s comfort zone

To make him feel safe, respect the location of his kennel while making less noise.


Which cat for the cat house?

If your cat is quiet and likes to stay at home, the recess for indoor cats is better. If not, consider the outdoor doghouse.

Where to place the cat house?

The location of a kennel cat must be in a quiet place.

Can a cat house replace a cat basket?

Depending on your feline , if he prefers to observe and feel the presence of people around, the cat basket is best for him.

How do I know the kennel is best for my cat?

If your cat likes to hide, for example, in your closet, under the bed or in a tree, the cat house is very suitable for him

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