The best massage rollers: 2021 comparison

The massage roller is an increasingly popular accessory in gyms used to soften and relax the body, especially the back and soles of the feet. It is above all an equipment used by professional athletes during recovery after exercises, but now accessible to individuals!

Are you looking for a massage roller, but your heart is swinging? To relax, remove cellulite or give as a gift, not all references will be suitable. A massage cylinder can become your best friend or stay in your closet for life …

To see more clearly, here is my ranking of the best massage rollers of the moment according to various important criteria (hard or soft, with or without pins, etc.). ) and your budget:

Which massage roller to choose?

Trigger Point: the best massage roller on the market?

Are you a tense person? Prone to back pain, shoulder strains, trapezius muscles or neck? Are you a great athlete who is regularly prone to muscle stiffness? Then the Trigger Point Anti-Curl Massage Roller has been designed for you!



The benchmark in the field : this foam cylinder recommended by coaches and sports coaches has many advantages. It has a relief specially developed to soothe muscle and nervous tension. This relief, called a “grid”, is one of the most versatile and efficient available today. It allows a multiplicity of exercises relieving the discomfort of various tensions. Whether you have muscle tension due to stress or exercise, the Trigger Point will help you get rid of it.

Versatile : it has been designed for all types of people. Whether you are a top athlete or simply stressed, it adapts to your needs. It is the ideal tool for practicing self-massage. But not only !

Effective : This stretching roller is very effective. It massages, stretches, eliminates the points of contractions and relaxes the deep and superficial muscles. It also allows the muscles to work in depth. There are many how-to videos outlining various exercises. Lucile Woodward, in particular, offers high-quality videos on YouTube. Of course, the Trigger Point comes with an explanatory manual if you’d rather read than watch!

Solid : In addition, it is extremely resistant. Designed in Neotek fabric (the same material as the blood straps), it has a long lifespan and does not fray. This feature also makes it possible to machine wash at 30 ° C.

Weak points

However, you must use it with care. It is a rigid cylinder, delivering powerful messages. Depending on the areas worked and your weaknesses, you will need to learn gently so as not to hurt yourself.

Sissel Pilates Roller: the massaging roller dedicated to Pilates enthusiasts


Are you a fan of Pilates and looking for an accessory that will allow you to sublimate your art? The Sissel Pilates Roller offers all the appreciable technical characteristics of a Pilates roller.

Strong points

For all levels : this cylinder is intended for beginners as well as for confirmed. It adapts to all levels. It is a versatile object, which makes training even more effective. Indeed, the instability of this model increases the difficulty of performing basic movements. It thus helps to strengthen the postural muscles.

Light and strong : the lightness of its foam leaves it free to perform a wide variety of movements. Extremely wear-resistant, you can use it anywhere, without worrying about damaging it. Its honeycomb surface gives it good stability and strengthens your support. In addition, unlike its counterparts, it has no odor!

Complete : very easy to use, it offers the possibility of carrying out Pilates exercises or various coaching. With it, you will be able to develop your abdominal muscles, those of the shoulders and stretch those of the posterior seat. You can also strengthen all the muscles of the trunk, massage the lateral muscles of the thighs and do lateral push-ups. It can also be used to simply relax.

In short, it helps to energize the deep muscles, mainly abdominal and pelvic, but also to strengthen your balance, coordination and flexibility. You can use it to soothe your back pain and other lower back pain!

Instructions for use and videos : to help you achieve all this in the best conditions, the Pilates foam roller comes with an exercise poster. You can of course check out official training videos on the web!

Weak points

Although it is a bit expensive, this Roller is the essential accessory for your workouts at home or in group lessons. Like the Trigger Point, it will be necessary to educate yourself well before using it so as not to hurt your back! Indiscriminate use can be particularly unpleasant, even dangerous.

Blackroll: the best price / quality ratio at the moment


Almost all sportspeople, as well as people who stand or sit for a long time, suffer from painful tensions. These can cause chronic pain, hinder movement and ultimately be disabling. Are you athletic? Or often stressed? Are you standing or sitting all day? Then the Healthstyle Blackroll is for you!


Quality of the foam : made in Germany, the Blackroll is one of the most resistant models. Ideally developed to allow you to practice self-massage, it also improves the flexibility of your muscles and fascia and promotes muscle regeneration.

Efficiency : this is one of the best references for performing fascia exercises. This massage roller provides good muscle recovery. By shifting your body weight, the intensity of trigger point kneading is increased. Thus, the flexibility of the fascia is enhanced by stretching and the pressure effect. Ultimately, this object relieves pain and tension and promotes circulation.

Versatile : of course, the Blackroll comes with an explanatory booklet. One of the advantages of this reference is that it has an application, completely free.

Relaxing : it is the ideal accessory to actively reduce and prevent muscle tension. It also minimizes the typical damage caused by muscle overuse. If you use this massage roller regularly, the relaxing effect will be noticeable quickly. Indeed, it stimulates the recovery of tense muscles and cold fascia.

Guarantee : the Blackroll is a product of the Healthstyle brand, a German company which has been designing high quality therapeutic, medical and sports tools since 2007. By acquiring a Healthstyle reference, you are sure to obtain a quality model.

Weak points

On the other hand, to use this model, you must have a minimum muscle mass. Indeed, this model is heavier than the average and quite substantial. It will therefore be reserved for people who can use it without costing them too much energy. Otherwise, the relaxing effect will be canceled.

PhysioWorld: a cheap but effective massage roller

Do you regularly suffer from muscle pain or tension? Would you like to try a self-massage roller, but have a small budget to invest? The PhysioWorld cylinder has been designed with this in mind, it is the ideal model to try! Made from quality PE foam, it offers you many possibilities of use.


Effective complete : it will relieve multiple muscle pains and reduce the vast majority of your nervous tension. It is also excellent for helping with recovery from a soft tissue injury. This model can be used to improve body stability, flexibility and increase range of motion. You can also use it during your Pilates method sessions. It is used to perform a wide range of traction and self-massage techniques, allows you to massage the thighs, calves, adductors, back … It is also an accessory that offers the possibility of reducing the pain caused by sciatica.

Easy to use : In order to allow you to use it in the best possible way, there are many videos available on the Internet. They show you how to best exploit it. Of course, a majority of coaches and sports teachers have the skills to explain how to use it. It is also a space-saving and easy-to-maintain reference.

Price : if you cannot afford to put 50 to 100 in a massage roller, the PhysioWorld is a particularly accessible product suitable for small budgets.

Weak points

On the other hand, despite its many advantages, this accessory is very rigid. It can therefore be unpleasant to use for people not looking for this type of product. Indeed, the use can be painful. You absolutely have to know how to handle it so as not to injure yourself. It is much more rigid than its counterparts. Moreover, unlike the other references, this roller is not “grilled”. Its solidified foam surface is smooth and therefore its effects on deep muscles are slightly less.

Aptonia Foam Roller 500: the ideal roller for massaging the soles of the feet and hands

Do you need to relax your muscles after sports? Are you looking for a roller to massage yourself after physical activity or a stressful day? The “Aptonia” reference is the one for you! She will give you a deep massage of all your muscles.

Strong points

Complete : it is a multi zone accessory: forearms, calves, feet, hands, take advantage of its versatility! It is very easy to use! The weight of your body will be used to massage each muscle in depth. The hard foam (100% EPP) of the Aptonia offers a deep and intense massage. It allows you to relax and promotes muscle recovery. To obtain good support, it is placed on the ground or on a table depending on the part you want to relieve.

Ergonomics : to help you use it correctly, you have Internet videos. They will show you how to handle it depending on the area to be massaged. For the action to be effective, the foam cylinder must be used for at least 5 minutes for each zone. Be careful to follow the advice for use that you have received. Indeed, you could hurt yourself by using it in the wrong way. This reference is relatively dense and does not soften under pressure from the body. You will have to be careful not to force it too much with your body.

Easy to transport: its small size allows you to take it everywhere. It slips into a sports bag or a backpack.

Weak points

The only downside that we could give to this accessory is that it is a bit small. Rather, it will be used to massage the soles of the feet and hands. For use on large areas such as the back, it will be preferable to choose a larger reference.

How to choose the right massage roller?

It is a choice that is not made lightly! If you choose a foam model that is too hard or too structured, you will have a hard time getting used to it. Especially if you want to use it for everyday relaxation use! Each roll has its own characteristics. Your purchasing decision must be conditioned by 3 key points:

Hard or soft?

There are two types of foam:

  • smooth foams: comfortable and not very rigid, they are used for gentle massages. They do not work the muscles and fascia deeply. They are mainly used to relax.
  • hard / structured foams: they are used for intense, deep massages. Badly used, they can be the cause of pain. It is necessary to be well informed before use.

To begin with, it is advisable to use a smooth model first. Despite its soft texture, you will probably feel pain for the first few days. Of course, they will dissipate over time.

With practice, you can take it to the next level: structured massage rollers. These are endowed with more or less prominent bumps and roughness. As with smooth models, start using them smoothly. Follow the steps and advice given in the booklet, videos or on the app if there is one.

With or without pins?

There are models with pins and others without pins. The pimples press against the skin, improve vascularity and strengthen the tissues. On the other hand, at first, you will probably feel surface pain. The pins also have a draining effect. They can be used as anti-cellulite massage rollers.

What size ?

A wide roller is easier to handle. It slips less and can be used to massage the entire back, while still being usable for the legs. On the other hand, it is not suitable for transporting while traveling or for sport.

A smaller model will be ideal for massaging the soles of the feet, hands and the back of the neck. It will also be transportable in a sports bag.

Vibrant or not?

Vibrating massage rollers use pressure and vibration to improve overall body recovery. They are used for self-massage, for warming up and for recovery.

They increase flexibility and circulation and reduce muscle pain. This result is obtained by relaxing and lengthening the muscles. Very effective, these products are however expensive …

How to use a massage roller?

First of all, know that on YouTube you will find countless videos for almost any model.

Whatever the exercise, breathe slowly and deeply as you rotate.

The basic exercise: put the top of the thigh on the roller on the floor. Then slide the leg along the roll. The entire upper thigh is massaged in this way. This exercise can be performed on many parts of the body: calves, buttocks, thighs, back, hips, feet. You can gain weight by performing this exercise to build muscle while massaging yourself.

For the upper back: For anyone who is stressed, sitting or standing for too long, this is the ideal exercise. It relaxes the knots of everyday life. Place the roll on the floor, perpendicular to your spine, and press it against your upper back. Put your hands behind your head, lift your hips off the floor and roll gently from the top of the shoulder blades to the middle of the back. Your weight should be on the roller and your heels on the floor.

Various exercises for all parts of the body are available online.

For maximum effectiveness, massage for at least 5 minutes per area worked.

Important : The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, please consult a physician with any questions.

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