Vegan Fashion Shows, A new trend on the rise

When we talk about fashion shows we think about glamorous dresses and fashion ambiance, and yes you’re correct! As for fashion every trend comes and go and repeat the cycle all over again. Now we talk about Vegan Fashion Shows, A new trend on the rise that will keep getting popularity as time pass. Vegan movement is growing with every day, people are getting more information about why becoming vegan helps with health, helping animals and contributing to the environment.

From vegan to fashion

Reading about the Vegan movement makes me happy. I’m a vegan myself and participating in a vegan fashion show was the ultimate goal. Get invited to participate as a model at Vegan Fashion Show here at Orlando, Florida. The first Vegan Show I heard about was in London that host the first vegan and cruelty-free fashion show on August 16, 2018, organized by vegan lifestyle magazine, Vegan Food, and Living. It is noticeable that both the beauty and fashion industries are changing to a more sustainable, cruelty-free, ad vegan future with a big movement on fur-free alternatives for the fashion industry. Is a big win for people like me that wants to help and stop cruelty among animals and environmental contamination.

The Fashion Show called: The 2018 International Vegan Fashion Show was opening a new alternative concept for fashion shows here at Orlando. Since the movement is growing and is more noticeable with every day it was the right time to do it, and start creating awareness and curiosity on why become vegan. It took place on November 17, 2018, at KDS Studio One Studio, around 8:00 pm.  the event was hosted by Imari Spinger and Royce Ashcroft CEOs and Co-founders of Noor XVII.


Vegan Designers

1. Mozella Malone  Collection and NediA Girls Inc.
Photography by Omar Lateef Photography
2.Humane Apparel  (James Gaetano and Aja Nikiya) I model for this one, last one in the row showing my vegan guns!!!
Photography by Melodic Photography
3. Ajna Beeing (Irina Pashinina) I did model for this one too, third on the raw. Is a fun different gypsy-style clothing. 
Photography by Melodic Photography
4. Sweet Bliss (Ashley N. Christopher)  is an Online Boutique with a selection of pretty cute apparel for a modern chic look.
Photography by Melodic Photography
5. Vintage Fusion (Dana Thumbtzen) Is a Vintage designer that fuses Vintage, texture, colors, recyclable materials into one collection.
Photography by Melodic Photography
6. Kilder Nines had the vegan bikini line for the night.
Photography by Melodic Photography
Photography by Melodic Photography
Some behind the scenes:
Photography by Capturing Feeling 
The Vegan Models:
The Vegan movement is on the rise and with everyday information out there more people do the switch to a healthier, compassionate and conscious lifestyle. I feel proud of setting my bar higher to achieve a healthier way of living encouraging others as a living example of what I preach. Been healthy is my #1 reason, but helping animals do not suffer and contribute to the environment on the way let me do a positive print in the world. Can’t wait for the next edition of The International Vegan Fashion Show… stay tuned!





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